I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


3. Backstage and surrounded

They Dragged me into Backstage and we all went into a dark big room. Then when Louis Flickered on the Lights i saw it was the boys dressing room. I saw Nialls Boxers i chuckled a little bit, i knew they were nialls because they said "Pour me some Irish" on them, which was perfect for Niall. I Glanced and gave Abby and Lucia a stern look, They nodded there heads. Liam reached for his water and rubbed against Lucia, She slapped him, he stepped away from her. Honestly, i think they all took a huge step away from Lucia. Harry took some ice and placed it on my face, we were so close, his eyes were not what people described, they were a soft green but had a touch of yellow and a hint of blue and to settle the softness a little of light brown. They were perfect, and he was staring right into my Brown eyes. Then Louis told me to strip, Which was akward. "Do it, or i will force you!" Liam said very sternly. Girls would love this, but now me. I had brusies all over my body and scrapes, Then harry looked at me, his nose brushed against my cheek. He smiled and pulled away. "No!" i yelled, "Just do it, we want you safe, trust me." Harry whispered. I Did trust him, He helped me  take of my jacket, then harry grabbed my hand and rubbed his thumb back  in forth, then he took or my pants, and then he took off my shirt, then i sat there holding on Harry in my underwear and bra, but for diffrent reasons. "How could someone be this cruel?" Liam said heart broken. "Can i tell them?" Lucia said quietly, "No!" I yelled. Then i started to feel tears roll down my face. "Really, Tell us i really want to know, who would do this to a 18 year old?" Zayn pleeded. I shook my head, then abby and lucia turned around. They were probubly laughing at me, Then the akward thing was Louis and Niall was Checking my leggs and stomach and everywhere that wasnt covered. "Fine, dont help." Louis said to me very sassy. It kind of hurt my feelings, if i said something i could get hurt, Maybe even Dead! "I Want to go home." I responded and They all left except Harry. i rushed and put my clothes back on. When we got in there car and Lucia and Abby turned to louis and whispered in his ear, he whispered back. i couldnt hear them, "Whats wrong?" I asked. they all shushed me which threw me off gaurd, "When you were holding Harry, his Hands were shaking and he was tearing up." Lucia told me."It was weird for Harry." Louis said, "Woah." Abby said sarcasticly. "STOP!" i screamed, we finally got to my house. Me,Lucia and Abby left the car. They went to there houses, My dad was outside. "Why did you leave?" My dad screamed. "It was my birthday you probubly wouldnt have did anything for my birthday anyway!" i screamed back. He punched my stomach and pushed me to the ground, "Go inside and discuss this." He said and walked inside. I saw the boys were still parked in front of my house. I ran inside after looking at them, and after our 3 hour argument i finally fell asleep, for like 3 hours. I got a text message from Louis, it Said pack a bag. Even if i wasnt sure if it really was him, I did. Anything, to get away from my dad.

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