my untold story

thish story is about a13 year old girl who loves science. but her home life is hell. when push comes too shove will she chose her brother or her father? find out in My Untold Story.


1. what is going on

          I had a mother once, she left us, me back in 09. Everyone wanted her gone but not me, no I wanted her to stay, but she still left. Now, I live with my father, I think of him as more of a lying asshole though, and my older brother Robert, but I get to call him Blink, I call him that because he never blinks when he is thinking, well at least I have never seen him do it. My name is Carol. The hoes at school like to call me rolly, not to say that I'm fat, I am not fat, no just because I hate it. Blink on the other hand he calls me C, wich is just the way I like it, just plain old C. We have to call Dad Sir now, when mom left she took Dad with her and left us a Sir. You see not only is my father a lying ass, he is also a drunk, smoker, and scary. My brother and I, we are his slaves, I mean it too we have to do everything for him.  One time Dad I mean uh Sir locked me in his room and uh well beat me, if my brother hadn't broken down the door to save me, I would have been dead. Blink is all I have left,  wich is good because tonight we are running away. we are going to reach  High Lake in Wisconson. That is pretty far from Holister MO. So I have packed, I just hope we can get out of here all right.

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