my untold story

thish story is about a13 year old girl who loves science. but her home life is hell. when push comes too shove will she chose her brother or her father? find out in My Untold Story.


2. trying to leave

          My brother and I are leaving in an hour. I have four changes of clothes, a coat, $100, my science textbook and notebook, and a picture of my family, before it all went to hell. My brother has a friend at school who sells presciption drugs, so he has bought some powerful sleeping drugs to get my um Sir out of the picture so we can leave safely. I was making Sir his soup when Sir came into our awful kitchen and said "Hey Idiot, there is dust on the TV". "Sorry" I said reall quite. "What was that, you little skank?" "Sorry" I said respectfuly louder then the time before. "Well because you screemed at me, I am gonna beat you, you little whore!" "Blink Please help Me, Blink, help," I screamed for real this time. Blink  came rushing in and pulled me out of Sir's hands just as he was about to throw his second punch at my face. Blink walked me back to the kitchen poored some of the sleeping drugs into the soup and slapped froze meat on my eye to help heal my new bruise. I let Blink leave the kitchen and I let the soup simmer, then I took it out to Sir, five minutes later he was passed out cold. Blink and I grabbed our backpack and left this house for the last time. Good flippin bye getting punched, good flipping bye Sir.

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