my untold story

thish story is about a13 year old girl who loves science. but her home life is hell. when push comes too shove will she chose her brother or her father? find out in My Untold Story.


3. on the road to "heaven?"

          My brother and I are walking down main street when he says, " C, we haven't eaten yet we should stop at a gas station and buy some snacks for the road." I thought he had a good idea, that was until we walked into the gas station, right into a stick up. There was a man with a gun who said to us as we walked into the store, " You move you die. I'll KILL YOU!" So guess what my brother does, he slips to the back of the store runs up the isle and knocks the gun man out cold. My brother is an idiot, but he is pretty flippin awesome. Then Blink grabbed the gun and we sprinted out of the store. "Why did you take the gun?" I asked. "Because," he said "it might be good to have around, you know so we can have it if we need it." We walked in total quite for what seems now like a minute, but anyway like I said we were walking when a car came out of nowhere. I didn't see it because I was walking half assleep, but Blink did. All I remember is being sudenly fully awake as I was pushed off the road. Then I heard the loud sound of a car's horn. Then to the most horrorific sound in the world, the sound of my brother's guts being pushed from his body, his bones cracking like popcorn as the tires ran over him, the sound of my brother's last scream escape his mouth, the sound of him being run over by a car and dying.

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