my untold story

thish story is about a13 year old girl who loves science. but her home life is hell. when push comes too shove will she chose her brother or her father? find out in My Untold Story.


4. going back

           My brother is dead. He is lying there dead on the road. The car is long gone by now, never to be found again.. I think I ran away in an awful haze, I am sure because I woke up back in my bed. My bed at Sir's home. crap. I never ever wanted to come back here, not in a million years. "How did you sleep, you little brat?" it was Sir's voice. "I am so so so sorry for running away I promise I will never do that again, I promise." "I know you won't run away, because I am taking you far away from here and locking up, forever." But that was three years ago now I am 16. And Sir kept his promise, I have been locked up all this time, I have not seen anyone but... Sir. I can"t stand him anymore he is worse than before, now Sir is more harmful to me just in a much worse way. He has, um nevermind. He never leaves our small cabin hidden in the woods, without locking me in the closet first. There is a hole in the back of the closet so that is basicly the only time I am "outside". Today Sir left to go buy more beer for himself. I was in the closet looking through the hole outside when I saw a brown puppy and a boy about my age behind him. He was looking at the cabin, so I started to scream "HELP ME, HELP!" He rushed around to the front of the cabin and entered. "Where are you?" he asked. "I am the closet in the back," I yelled. "It's locked," he said. "I know please try to break it down before he comes back," I shuddered. He broke down the door and I finally got a good look at him; he was about six feet tall, brown messy hair, grey-green eyes, tan and a lot of freckles. "What are you doing I this closet, alone in the woods?" "I I," I stuttered, "I will tell you later but first you have to get me out of here." He led me out of my death trap and down a path towards what looked like his car. He helped me in the passenger side of his car and said "My name is Cliff, are you hungry?" "Yes starving". Wich I truly was Sir only fed me every other day. "My name is Carol but call me C. We need to get out of here now please and fast!" "Ok C why?" "Because," I started. Then I saw Sir's car coming down the road and screamed, "GO NOW!"

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