Enda's Journey: The Crystal of Lightning

Enda's life hasn't been exaclty perfect. She lost her parents in a fire when she was five and her sister died when she was thirteen. When Enda lost her sister she was with a group of people known as the Teen Titans. Now she is fourteen and is having trouble controling her powers. She runs off to find something to help her. What she doesn't know is a great battle has begun.


6. Day 6

When I woke up it was morning. The first thing I saw was Robin. He was standing over me. When he noticed I was awake he helped me up. "Se que ustedes me seguimiento también?"("Were you guys tracking me too?") I asked, still a bit groggy.

"She is speaking Spanish, correct?" I heard Starfire ask. "I'm going to guess she's okay," Raven said. "Where is Slade?" I asked. "Gone," Robin replied. "There's no sign of him anywhere... What happened?" Cyborg said. Beast Boy answered before I could, "Enda took Slade down! I saw it before I blacked out."

"Let's head back to the tower," Cyborg said. "Yea, it's getting colder by the minute," Robin agreed. We got in the T-Ship and went back to the tower. When we got there I noticed all the honorary Titans were still there except Titans East. They had left two days after me.

I went into my room and lay on my bed. It was the first time in almost a week. I thought about what happened at Mount Elbert. I tried remembering what happened but couldn't. I looked at the crystal and something told me, this was only the beginning.

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