Enda's Journey: The Crystal of Lightning

Enda's life hasn't been exaclty perfect. She lost her parents in a fire when she was five and her sister died when she was thirteen. When Enda lost her sister she was with a group of people known as the Teen Titans. Now she is fourteen and is having trouble controling her powers. She runs off to find something to help her. What she doesn't know is a great battle has begun.


5. Day 5

When I woke up I got a better look at the cave. I noticed a path and started down it. The further I got, the more energy I felt. Finally the tunnel opened up to a huge cave. In the center was a stalagmite with a flat top.

I got closer and noticed a crystal was floating above the stalagmite (or stalactite, I don't know). "Whoa," I heard someone say behind me. I jumped around and saw Beast Boy. "Beast Boy? But how...?" I said shocked. "I kind of tagged your bracelet with a tracking device," he said smiling nervously.

I looked at my bracelet and pulled off the tracker. Then I got mad and threw it at Beast Boy. "How on earth did you get in the cave?" I asked angrily. "I turned into a fly and flew in," he said. I rolled my eyes and asked if he was followed. He shook his head.

I turned back around to the crystal. Beast Boy walked up next to me and stared at. He reached out to grab it. There was a flash, and Beast Boy fell to the ground.

"OW! These things should come with warnings!" he cried out. "What happened?" I asked. "It shocked me," he said as I helped him up. I reached out and the crystal reacted but not like it did with Beast Boy.

The crystal moved from the stalagmite and into my hand. I stared at it. I couldn’t look away. It was like the crystal was trying to get my attention. Beast Boy just watched. I then heard a faint voice. It came from within the crystal.

"Beast Boy, tell me you hear the voice too," I said without looking away. "What voice?" he asked. I listen hard and was able to make out what the voice was saying.

It said, "This is the Crystal of Lightning. Only an electric elemental can touch it. This crystal can help guide you and help you control your powers. The Crystal of Lightning can also store electricity to absorb."

"Asombroso," (“Amazing,”) I said without thinking. "Uh, Enda... You know I don't speak Spanish, right?" Best Boy said. I didn't even realize I was speaking Spanish. Then the Crystal of Lightning attached itself to my necklace. The other gem on my necklace went into my hand.

Suddenly, we heard a noise. It was Slade. Somehow he got in the cave and was coming. "Hide," I whispered. I put the fake gem on the stalagmite, and then I quietly dart to the end of the opening to another tunnel. I went in it and hid behind a rock. Beast Boy turned into a bat and hung from the roof.

Slade walked over to the stalagmite and stared at the rock. He then went to grab my fake gem. When he noticed nothing happened he knew Beast Boy and I beat him. Slade punched the stalagmite causing it to break apart.

"I know you're in here! Why don't you just come out and fight since you have the artifact?" Slade called out. I looked at Beast Boy who nodded and turned into an elephant and squashed Slade.

I ran out from behind the rock and Beast Boy turned back to normal. We looked at Slade and he started getting up. Beast Boy and I ran to the exit and saw that Slade had made the small entrance bigger.

Beast Boy and I jumped outside. It was cold out and Beast Boy turned into a bear to stay warm. "Nice," I said sarcastically. Slade jumped out of the hole and Beast Boy and I got ready to fight. Slade ran toward Beast Boy and wrestled him to the ground.

I ran over to help but they started rolling down the mountain. I watched in shock as Slade and Beast Boy tumbled down. They made it a quarter down when they stopped. Beast Boy was unconscious, but Slade was still up and started toward me.

I watched Slade start back up the mountain. I felt the electricity from the crystal and it surrounded me. My eyes began to glow and I was able to feel all of the electric around me. I looked at Slade and prepared myself.

When he reached the top he came straight at me. I wish I could tell you what happened, but I don't remember. The last thing I saw was the sunset. Then everything went blank.

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