Enda's Journey: The Crystal of Lightning

Enda's life hasn't been exaclty perfect. She lost her parents in a fire when she was five and her sister died when she was thirteen. When Enda lost her sister she was with a group of people known as the Teen Titans. Now she is fourteen and is having trouble controling her powers. She runs off to find something to help her. What she doesn't know is a great battle has begun.


4. Day 4

The next day I bolted. I realized I couldn't stay in the same place for too long. I needed to get a grip on my powers. I use to be able to control them before, but now it's like I just got them.

I felt like I was getting close to my destination when I hit Grand Junction, CO at noon. I could feel a strong electrical force near. I looked around for a large power plant but didn't see any.

There wasn't much forest nearby, so I just stayed on a small hill outside of town. From there I could see all of Grand Junction and everything around me.

I decided to set up camp even though I'd have a few more hours before dark. I figured I was going to need to go to bed earlier so I could get up earlier. When I was done I went into my tent and went through my bag. I got out a small snack and started munching on it.

When I was finished I heard something from the other side of the tent. I was irritated. I knew it was Beast Boy again. He just wouldn't leave me alone. I stood up and walked out of my tent only to find out it wasn't Beast Boy.

It was Slade. Slade was one of the most dangerous villains the Titans and I ever faced. He was the reason my sister was now no more than a statue. I backed away slowly.

"It's so nice to see you again, Enda. Tell me, what are you doing out here all by yourself," he said. I knew I couldn't fight him alone, but was willing to if I needed to. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Nothing really, just the same artifact you're after," he replied. Artifact? What artifact was I after? It might have been the item that was drawing me to where ever it was I was going.

"I know of no artifact, Slade," I said preparing to bolt. "Of course you do. It is the only thing that can help your powers progress less rapidly," Slade said. I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth or not. Usually I wouldn't trust Slade, but somehow he knew what was going on with my powers.

If my powers really were acting up because they were progressing, then Slade knew where the artifact was. The only thing that bugged me was why he was after it. It was no use to him, just me.

Slade started getting closer. "Don't come any closer," I warned. I formed an electric ball and was ready to launch it. Knowing Slade the best my electric ball would do was paralyze him for ten minutes or maybe more.

"I do not wish to harm you," he said. "I only want to help you find the artifact." I thought for a moment. I knew if Slade wanted it, it wasn't for the good of anyone but him. Why was he trying to help me?

I decided not to trust him and thought for an escape route. If I through the electric ball he would be paralyzed. That gave me ten minutes to get to town, absorb some electricity, and leave. I wouldn't have time to pack up my tent.

After a minute of silence and thinking, Slade came towards me again. I threw the electric ball and bolted to town. I quickly absorbed some electric power and headed east.

Somehow I got over a hundred miles in five minutes. It must have been the fact that the electric power was stronger here. I looked around and noticed I was on a mountain. It was Mount Elbert in Colorado.

I looked up the mountain and saw an opening. I climbed up to get a better look. It was too small to get into without bolting. I took a step back and bolted inside. When I got there I noticed the cave was glowing.

I looked around and noticed it was from some kind of moss. Knowing Slade couldn't get into the cave; I lay down and went to sleep.

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