Sex, Money, Attention, What's Next?

My name is Lori Blacksgate, although my clients know me as Scarlet, and i'm the type of person who never gives fuck about long term relationships. I'm a one-night-stand kind of person and that's pretty much it. I work at a strip club and I get paid good so I'm not to unhappy. My biggest problem is paying rent, that is until i get a boyfriend who is incredibly jealous.


3. 3

As soon as I'm in his room he closes the door and nails me against the wall. My legs are rapped around his waist and im unbuckling his belt. Right when the belt comes of his pants slide down to show a nice tight black calvin klein under wear.

Me: Mmm, nice ass.

Jake: I think yours is better

Me: So do i.

i pulled of his shirt and he pulled of my stripper clothes. We move towards the bed and i try to inch down his underwear. He slams we against the wall one more time.


Jake: I'll show you mine right after you show me yours

Me: I dont think so


I pulled down his under wear -


Me: Wow

Jake: Your turn


He pulled of my under wear and bra and he grabbed my ass.i bit his ear and he carried me over to the bed. from there it was just ammmmmazing. he may be a little innocent but he knows his way around a girl. he handcuffed me to his bed and i swear i thought i was gonna get pregnant. thank god for durex am i right? he was on top the whole time, grabbing me everywhere he could. i wrapped my legs around him and he shoved his tounge down my throat, he was really into me if you know what i mean. after a little while he got tired and uncuffed me and we fel asleep with my head on his pecks

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