Sex, Money, Attention, What's Next?

My name is Lori Blacksgate, although my clients know me as Scarlet, and i'm the type of person who never gives fuck about long term relationships. I'm a one-night-stand kind of person and that's pretty much it. I work at a strip club and I get paid good so I'm not to unhappy. My biggest problem is paying rent, that is until i get a boyfriend who is incredibly jealous.


2. 2

I was doing the simple moves, nothing to tiring since we're supposed to save our energy for later. I saw these two guys in the back talking and looking my way so I winked at them. One of them looked like a total douche bag but his friend seemed like the kind of guy who would never come to a strip club you know? He was like that innocent guy who's girlfriend broke up with him because he didn't want to do it. But he had something about him which makes you know he's not actually a virgin, I guess he could have been one of those sweet guys who doesn't wanna hurt your feelings but still does it. I'm guessing his girlfriend cheated on him and he didn't wanna leave the house so his douche bag of a friend brought him here out of all places.

Talia looked over at me and kind of pointed them out to me and i motioned to her that I'd take the innocent one. Talia's the kind of girl who'd wanna take the douche bag, I find it a bit weird but still.

After about ten minutes John told us to line up and because we love each other Talia and i stuck together in hopes that we would both get to go together. Those to guys at the back who we were looking at earlier bid pretty high on us so we went home with them. They didn't live to far from the club so the drive wasn't to boring. The douche's name is Eric and he never has a girlfriend, he's a one night stand guy. The other guy, Jake, not so innocent, he's had a couple one night stands and he's adventurous. His girlfriend did just break up with him though.

We arrived at his house and holy fuck Jake is filthy rich. His parents died and left him all this shit so now Eric and Jake live here, they're about 22 and they've got pretty good jobs no college or shit.

Eric: We've got a swimming pool and a hot tub. What do you girl's wanna do?

Talia: You choose, it's all you.

Jake: Why don't we just go to the bedroom.

Me: Fine by me.

Jake took me up to his room and Talia went with Eric to his room. Now it get's really good.


**Sorry it took so long guys but you'll have to wait a bit for the next chapter, I'm balancing two movellas and I have a HUGE project in school. hope you like it though, if you have any ideas for where the story should go or anything you want to see i'd love them, i've been having some writers block**

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