Sex, Money, Attention, What's Next?

My name is Lori Blacksgate, although my clients know me as Scarlet, and i'm the type of person who never gives fuck about long term relationships. I'm a one-night-stand kind of person and that's pretty much it. I work at a strip club and I get paid good so I'm not to unhappy. My biggest problem is paying rent, that is until i get a boyfriend who is incredibly jealous.


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So I'm Lori Blacksgate and since you're reading this you obviously want to know about my problems. I'm 21 and I have straight red hair, that's why my stripper name is Scarlet. I have a slim figure with a nice ass and good size boobs. My eyes are a light hazel and I'm average height with slim legs. Oh and I wax my legs when I need to, which isn't that often. So now that you know what I look like you can get a good idea of why I'm a stripper. Lets go back to an ordinary day of work at the Lusty Leopard. So I walked into work in my skinny jeans, tank top, and a jacket and I head into the locker rooms. My best friend Talia is already there putting on one of her 'costumes'.

Me: Oh, is that new?

Talia: Sure is, boss gave it to me today, yours is over there.

I took the bag and looked inside. It was a black and pink lace bra with matching underwear and black striped leggings.

Talia: Cute, try yours on.

I took of my shirt and my bra and put on the new one. Yep, it made my boobs look slightly bigger and plumper. Then i slipped my jeans of and put on the new underwear and the leggings.

Talia: Sexy

Me: Thanks, not so bad yourself. Where are the new heels?

Talia: Oh, here you go.

I took my heels from Talia and put them on. They added about four to five inches to me.

Me: So why the new outfits?

Talia: Well tonight's an auction night, we haven't had one for a while.

Me: Oh nice, he added the dress code didn't he?

Talia: Yep, no shabby guys tonight, it's all high rollers.

Me: Be safe. Haha.

Talia: Right, whatever.

Auction night is pretty pedophilic, basically these guys come and bid on spending a night with us. Auction nights are always Saturdays cause this pretty much ends my shift. Basically the guy owns us for a night and at around noon we leave. Talia and I work same nights, Wednesday through to Sunday at noon. So Talia and I walked out of the locker rooms and went up the platform and stood there next to everyone else while John (the manager) came to tell us how the new arrangement was gonna work.

John: Okay girls so here's the deal, we're gonna line you up with numbers on you and you'll just dance on the different poles on the platform. Do your best 'cause you now get 50% of whatever he's bidding and we start the bidding at 1000$.

Me: So we're just supposed to look pretty then?

John (winking at me): Shouldn't be to hard for you girls.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Johns kinda my boyfriend. He treats me good and he's good in bed but at the end of the day he's not sentimental or gentle at all and he's a bit old fashioned. He kinda talks like he stepped outta the 80's or something. I mean he's too rough in bed but at least he tries.

John: Come get your numbers ladies. Scarlet you're lucky number 1, now go to the front pole doll.

He puts the number on my boob and i walk up to the front pole. Talia's number 2 and then every one gets numbers.

Talia: So what did you guys do last night for your, what was it, 6 month anniversary?

Me: What d'ya think we did? Squat. I asked him what we should do and he says 'It. All night long'. So instead I went to a bar like every other night and took someone home.

Talia: Oh I'm sorry baby, but how much d'ya get?

Me: $500

Talia: Nice

John: Okay ladies, I'm putting on Toxic by Brittney Spears so dance girls.

Chelsea (winking at him): Whatever you say John.

John: That's my girl.

So Chelsea's this bitch Talia and I hate, she's blonde and her best friend is Tiffany. We're pretty much mortal enemies, it started out with us fighting over John but after that it's just been about everything.

Talia: You know last night Jennevive saw her and John leave together.

Me: That BITCH!

Talia: I'm pretty sure it was just nothing.

Me: Ya you're probably right.

Talia walked over to the pole behind next to me and i took one of the two center stage poles. Jennevive came up to me and tried to take my pole.

Jennevive: That's my pole.

Me: last time i checked you were in the back with that other skank of yours, Tiffany right? 

Jennevive: you're such a hypocrite you know that?

Me: Oh I'm the hypocrite, what happened to...

John: Ladies ladies please don't fight, jennevive could you take the other center stage pole? Okay ladies, show time.

He walked to the doors and opened them and the girls started dancing.

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