Three Months Married

Sara and Harry have been together for years, but they've only been married for three months. What will the find out when Sara travels to America with the boys?


8. Chapter 8

I'd woken to the sun shinning through the blinds poorly covering the window on the wall closest to Harry.

He still had a fist full of my shirt in his hand. My finger had untwisted itself, but stayed inside the shirt, lightly touching his skin. We faced each other, our backs to the world.

I pulled my lip between my teeth, clenching down when I opened my eyes finding Harry's bright green orbs already on me.

"Today is the day." He said, his voice was deep and raspy. It made the day seem so much more normal. Today was the day our child was supposed to come. My bag for the hospital had been packed for nearly a month. The house had been baby proofed we had the diapers, the bottles, the clothes. The only thing missing was the baby itself.

"There's a good chance it won't happen today." I reminded him.

"The doctor said it would though." He whined putting his hands on my stomach.

"I know, I want the baby to come now too." It happened almost like it someone had been waiting for me to say those words.

The bed became wet under me.

"Harry?" I flipped the covers up from my body. Not giving him time to answer. "My water just broke." I tried to stay calm, but as I swung my feet off the bed so I could get up, searing pain began in my abdomen. I doubled over holding tight to the pain inside me. Harry was up quickly crawling over to my side of the bed to help me.

"We've got to go!" He put on a jumper before grabbing my bag and coming back over to me. He knelt down to meet my eyes. "I'll be right back!"

He kissed me quickly while standing to leave me in bed by myself. I heard thumping down the steps and the slam of a door. I stood slowly making my way to the steps to hurry this process. I made it to the door of the room before pain seared again. I gripped tight to the frame, my knuckles white.

Harry came back, I hand reached out for his hand. I gripped it tight.

"Sorry." I sighed after the pain pulsed through me causing me to tighten my grip.

"Sweetheart you can squeeze as hard as you'd like." He reassured, putting a hand on my back helping to support me as we came down the stairs. I waddled down as fast as I could desperate to get to the hospital.

Harry kept his supportive hold on me as we walked into the lobby of the emergency entrance. Sweat covered my forehead as my breathing started evening out.

"My wife- she's preg- baby." Harry couldn't form complete sentences when talking to the nurse. She ran off coming back within seconds with a wheel chair. I was sat down and pushed off to a room. I was put in a bed. The pain continued over a few minutes, searing more each time.


"You're almost there." A woman in a white coat told me a little while later.

I felt bad for Harry's hand, getting the short end of the stick as I continued to hold it tighter and tighter. There was no way to deny, I'd been screaming. The pain becoming too much for me to handle.

"One final push Mrs. Styles!" The woman said. I pushed with all I had, which didn't feel like much.

"You can do this Sara." Harry encouraged wiping the hair out of my face. I watched him as his eyes lit up. The sound of our crying baby filling the room. I was thrilled the pain had stopped but even more thrilled our baby had finally came.

The baby was handed to me, her little eyes still closed. Her plump lips surrounded the tip of her tongue. She already had dark curls sprouting from her head. Harry was sat on the bed next to me, his hand stroking her head. I looked at him before biting my lip and looking back down at our masterpiece.

"Hazel." I whispered, tears falling down my face. She looked so sweet, so precious, so delicate, so breakable, so cute. Words weren't enough to describe how she looked and how I felt in that moment.

All I knew really was that I was in love, all over again. Harry pulled me close to him, putting a gentle kiss on her head and then on mine. He wrapped us in for a careful hug before Hazel was taken away. I passed out shortly after she was gone. Harry sat, stroking my face, until I was woken to feed Hazel.

I was handed her very carefully. My hand immediately went to support her head, though I'd never been told to do so. She was so small, so fragile. Tears formed in my eyes again slowly falling as our precious child lay still in my arms. When she woke, a nurse came in to help me know what to do.

After her feeding, Harry wanted to hold her. And though I knew he'd never do anything to harm her, I didn't want to let her go. She was mine. Reluctantly I gave her over. I watched his eyes stay in her.

"Her eyes are open!" He whisper yelled. "They're like yours, but a little more green in them." His smile was similar to the one I saw when I walked down the isle on our wedding day; massive, showing off his dimples and perfectly white teeth. He was so thrilled to have her. His head stayed down as he stared at her amazed by her. "Hazel Anne Styles." He whispered more quietly. "I love you." Then he leaned down to kiss her gently on the cheek. After staring at her for a while, he spoke again. "We have to tell everyone!"

Hazel came back and was in my arms sleeping, while Harry pulled out his phone, taking a picture and sending it first to his mum and the lads and then to Simon and my boss. Then sending it to everyone else in his contact list. You could definitely say Harry was proud to be a dad.
Harry, Hazel and I spent the remainder of the day, sleeping, eating, and being in a constant state of awe of each other. There was no way on God's green Earth that anyone in their right minds would be able to do her any harm. Though I knew it wouldn't go to the extent of harm, my current state of awe would fade as I knew she would keep me up at night crying for food. But in that moment I didn't care. She was too precious to worry about other things.

I was given a feeding schedule, though it kind of made it feel like our Hazel was an animal, we were instructed to feed her at these specific times vigilantly.

Anne, Harry's mom had come some time in the night as I slept. I moved over in the bed to make room for Harry. When I woke the next day Anne wouldn't stop gushing about how cute Hazel was.

"What's her name?" I looked to Harry giving him the chance to let his mom know we'd named our child after her.

"Hazel Anne." He said holding out his arms to hold his crying mom. Harry hadn't ever said if it was a girl we'd name it after her, but it was something that had been on my mind from the start.

"Thank you." She leaned down and hugged me.

"It was all Sara, I think she had the name picked out for weeks." I smiled guiltily.

Before I knew it the room was crowed with people. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn all came for a few brief minutes.

"Say Louis!" Lou had been holding her for a total of thirty seconds and was already trying to get her to say his name.

"Let me hold her!" Niall sighed, leaning over Lou's shoulder to look at her.

Hazel was passed into their arms, each making her laugh, the sweetest laugh in the world. It was so small and high pitched. She'd been holding Niall's finger and laughing at the funny face he had made, when she changed, crying and screaming furiously. She was brought to me by Harry.

"What's the fuss?" A nurse walked in.

"I think she's hungry." I said getting ready to kick everyone out as that was not something I was about to show the lads.

"Did you smell her bum?" The nurse asked. I blushed, not thinking that her diaper needed changing. The nurse, noticing my embarrassment spoke quickly to comfort me. "It's all right, you're still learning."

I changed her for the first time all by myself. It was a big moment for me. It was all so weird, last year around this time I'd just been engaged to Harry, I'd only been at my job a few weeks, and I'd only been graduated from uni for a few months. I'd just only officially moved to London, and having a child seemed so unlikely. But here I was married, and had a baby.

A beautiful baby, who would never feel more loved by her two parents.


" Are you ready?" Harry asked putting my things back in my bag. I'd been standing facing the window, incredibly terrified to to take her home, drive her none-the-less. "Everything will be fine." He rubbed my back trying to comfort me. It worked, I turned to face him leaning in to kiss him.

"I love you." I said before he guided me to the car.

And so we went home. Hazel had fallen asleep. I reluctantly pulled her from her car seat holding her with more care then I'd ever thought I could have. Harry took the bag and lead me to the door, opening it even though his hands were full.

I was glad to see Hazel awake, she'd been so peaceful, her eyes open wide and her hand in fists held close to her body.

Harry quickly put the bags down, coming to join us in the middle of the house.

We sat, taking turns holding her. When the sun went down we took her to our bed with us, putting her between us. We held her close to our bodies cocooning her. She was good, only waking cause she was hungry.

We slept well that first night. And the night after that. It was not what I expected, but nothing about my life had been what I expected. It was good, and that's better then I could have ever expected.

A/N: I kind of do want to write more, but I also really like how it ended. So yeah I'm sorry.

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