Three Months Married

Sara and Harry have been together for years, but they've only been married for three months. What will the find out when Sara travels to America with the boys?


7. Chapter 7

Some how people had found out we were going to the store because there was a massive crowd around the entrance. They had posters and were screaming.

"How do they always know where I'll be." I tried to lighten the mood pretending I was the one the people were there for. I knew how much it bothered Harry that people were always around, and in truth that 's partly why I stopped going places with him. Too many people, not enough room to breath.

Harry barely laughed. Instead we parked as close as we could to the door to ensure getting in and out quickly.

"OH MY GOSH!!!! IT"S HARRY AND SARA!!!!!! SHE"S SO PREGNANT!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!" Various people yelled. Harry had pulled me close to him in attempt to keep me safe. I put a protective hand of the massive bulge coming out of my mid section. We got in, luckily the store was almost empty and the manager kept the people from coming in to mob us.

We walked slow to the stationary isle. My waddling got worse the quicker I had to walk. In the isle we saw about ten different prints for thank you cards, each package only containing eight cards and envelopes, we grabbed one of each.
Then we made our way over to the food. I grabbed vegetables for a salad I would make, and ice cream, hot fudge, brownie, whipped cream. Harry grabbed a couple bags of crisps and some fresh bread.

"Do you want anything else, Sweetheart?"

Without speaking waddled like a penguin as fast as I could to the candy isle, grabbing the biggest bag of chocolates I could find.

"I think I'm good. Do you need anything else?"

"Nahh." Then we pushed our trolley up to the front of the store to pay for our stuff. There was no one in line behind us so Harry asked to see the manager. "You didn't do anything wrong, I'd just like to ask him something." The fear in her eyes was evident. She clearly thought she had done something wrong.

"Seriously, don't worry sweetie, he's just being weird." I assured her, I was confused too, not sure what he was going to do.

An older man walked up to our lane.

"Can I help you?" He asked Harry.

"Yeah, I'd firstly just like to apologize about the craziness outside, and secondly my wife, here, is pregnant and we've just come for some food, but I'm afraid it's to crazy out there. Is there anyway you could help us get to our car?"

"Other then having a few employees go out with you, I'm not sure what we can do for you."

"That would be great if you could. Just a few guys to create a perimeter around us." Harry kept talking. "I really am sorry. I don't even know how they found out we were coming here."

"You live down the street, and you've been here at least once everyday, Harry." The girl who had checked out our stuff said.

"So you're a fan." Harry looked to her.

"Yeah kind of... okay a lot! I'm so blogging about this when I get home!" She squealed.

Harry took a few pictures with the girl whose name we found out was Susan. Then Harry signed her lanyard around her neck.

"It was nice to meet you Susan." I said waving as Harry pulled me away from her so we could leave.

"Thanks again for doing this, It really means a lot."

"It's not a problem, I'd hate for something to happen to your child."

"Thank you." I said this time. It was weird that sometimes people could act so crazy are the same species of human that are managers a local grocery store who worry about a random stranger's unborn child. It just didn't make sense to me. But I was grateful.

We made it to our car, safely. Harry had hugged me tight to him, helping me into my seat before battling the crowd to get in on his side of the vehicle. Harry slowly drove through all the people screaming our names.

We got home in time for my hunger to strike me again. Harry grilled us some chicken and I put together a salad.

"Not long now." I reminded Harry as we sat for one of the last nights we had together before the baby came.

"I know." We ate in silence for a while, both of us deep in thought. "Are you ever worried we won't be good parents?" Harry asked setting his fork down and looking deeply into the assortment of colors on his plate.

"Yeah. But I mean I've met with loads of people that say they just don't think they'll be good enough. So it's helps that I know we're not alone."

"I guess. But what if I'm gone too much and it doesn't even get to know me?" He moved his gaze up to me. I'd never seen his eyes filled with so much insecurity.

I set my fork down, grabbing his hands with mine.

"We can do this, God will be with us and we've got each other. Our child will know you, because you are going to do your best. I know you will."

"But what if I don't?" He almost sounded angry, I passed it off trying to encourage him.

"All you can do is give your best, so I know that's what you'll do." After a few moments of silence, I spoke again. "We can do this." I brought my face to his, giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. It was a second before he kissed back, but when he did he kissed with a load of passion. Passion I wasn't expecting by any means. He pulled me on his lap after a while. Our baby between us made things a little awkward. His hands rested on the sides of my thighs.

My hands clung to the curls on his head. My fingers spinning more curls at the nape of his neck. He let out a hum from his lips. That hum meant he liked it.

"I miss this." He said between kisses. Since I got pregnant, we hadn't really had the chance to be intimate. I could tell he missed it, though it wasn't as though we had a lot of it since we'd only started having sex after we were married and I'd got pregnant very soon after we got married.

"Me too." I did, but it was also nice that we hadn't built our relationship off something so physical. The kiss became deeply urgent. His lips traveling from my mouth to my neck. He moved the fabric away from the skin where my collar bones would be. Kissing and sucking on the area. I let out a moan. His hand went under my shirt, his massive hand warming my skin as it went higher.

I leaned into Harry wanting to be as close as I could. As I did, the child inside me gave a giant kick to my side letting me know he didn't like that.

"I felt that." His kissing had stopped.

"Me too, and it was a hard one." I climbed off Harry unwillingly. Settling for a nice cuddle as his arms wrapped around me. My head lay on his chest. His heart still beat quick from the kissing. My hand found it's usual spot on my stomach, near the area where the baby just kicked. "I love you." I reminded him.

"I love you too." He put a kiss on the top of my head. Like usual, I fell asleep. Waking only for a few moments when I was set down on a bed. How Harry had the strength to continue carrying me places was beyond what I could comprehend. I was soon joined on the bed, his arms drapp\ed over me. I felt my hand reach for the hem of Harry's shirt, twisting a bit of it on my finger loosely keeping it there. I often found my finger in that exact position when waking in the morning. I hadn't realized I'd been doing it.

"Sorry," I mumbled taking my finger away from his shirt.

"It's all right, I sleep better knowing you're here." He tightened his grip on my side, taking the fabric of my shirt in his fist. We'd fallen asleep facing each other, our various appendages griping one another's clothing.

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