Three Months Married

Sara and Harry have been together for years, but they've only been married for three months. What will the find out when Sara travels to America with the boys?


6. chapter 6

Time had passed, I was now two weeks from my due date.

I got more and more huge, and my energy was getting more and more drained. Sleep became more and more hopeless. Harry tried his best to help but nothing ever helped. If I laid on my back, it would hurt, but if I laid on my side the baby would continuously kick until I moved. So I spent most nights putting the baby's crib together, or their carriage, or rocker, or I read. Not that I was trying to know everything about what would happen, I knew we'd be all right. Harry had bought them and was trying to prepare himself the best he could.

"Come to bed." Harry pleaded as I sat in the rocking chair we had bought for our child's room. One of my hands held up the book and the other was placed on my protruding out stomach.

"I can't sleep, I'll just keep you up."

"The bed feels too empty without you." He said almost immediately after I had spoken.

"But I'll just keep you up."

"But I miss you. Besides I'd rather be kept awake by you when you're next to me then be awake because you're not there." He crossed the room, helping me stand. Then he scooped me up off my feet.

"Harry, what are you doing? I'm too heavy, put me down!"

"Light as a feather." He carried me effortless to our room just a few feet away. He had set me down gently, before going around the bed and getting in beside me. He brought me close to his body, his chest made for a good pillow as I was finally able to fall asleep.


"Nooo." I groaned when I felt Harry try to move out from underneath me. "Please stay, I'm still tired and this is the most sleep I've gotten in forever."

"Anything for you." His arms wrapped back around me and tightened a bit. I soon fell back asleep in utter thankfulness.

I awoke, who knows how much later, with no one there with me. I stayed where I was still comfortable for about ten more minutes.

"Sweetheart, time to get up!" The happiness in Harry's voice was more evident then then looking at me and knowing I was about to have a baby.

"But I don't want to get up." I whined.

"Come on, we've still got a few more things to get before the baby comes." He was dressed and ready to go. He tugged at me arm.

"Fine, just give me a minute." I shooed him away.

"I'll be back in ten minutes and if you're not at least in the bathroom, I'm carrying you there myself."

"Can you make some food for us when I get out."

"Of course." He left me to my peace. About four minutes later I got up and went to the bathroom.

When Harry came back in the room I was dressed and nearly ready. I just had to brush out my hair, which had grown long.

"What else do we need?" I asked as I thought about all the stuff we had already purchased. I didn't answer me, he just took my hand and pulled my through the hallway, I looked into the baby's room. I nice yellow color that would be suited for either a boy or a girl. It wasn't a big deal to know the gender of our child. I knew, Harry didn't want to know, so to keep the secret and have the room ready for our kid, we decided a nice sunshiny yellow would be perfect. Harry came back to me, pulling me down the steps out the door. I sat in the seat. "where are we going?" Harry drove with a smile on his face. Ignoring the questions I kept asking.

We pulled up to a massive park. There were balloons and people everywhere.

"Harrrryyy. Is this a baby shower? You didn't have to do this."

"I didn't. It was Eleanor and Perrie." I quickly got out of the car to enjoy the party that was thrown for our kid.


"It was so lovely." I told Eleanor and Perrie as we walked to my car after cleaning the party up. Harry was walking beside us carrying the last armful of gifts.

"Yes, you guys really didn't have to do this." He kept complaining about how many trips he had to take from the car and back to get more.

"NO, really it was loads if fun. I like doing these sorts of things, especially for someone as cool as you Sara."

"Well thank you again. I'd like to stay longer, but I'm beat and I don't think my feet can handle any more of this."

"Like Eleanor said, we had a blast planning it, we're just so glad you came. Harry says you haven't been going out loads."

"No, I haven't been sleeping well so I've just felt terribly odd all day. I slept great last night though."

"Well we're glad then. I hope you sleep well tonight."

"Thank you." Harry helped me into the seat of the car. I looked back at the mountain of gifts. "If we needed anything else, I doubt we'll need it now." He laughed. Pulling out of his parking space and set off to go home.

I surprised myself by staying awake the whole way home. I saw the hills and the tall buildings, they looked different, brighter I had decided.

"I think this is the longest you've stayed awake in months." His eyes went from the road to me and then back to the road.

"I know, but believe me when we get home I'll be out like a light." Harry's laugh was deep and gruffly. I sat in my seat watching him, thinking about all that he's done. Rarely ever had I gotten this much support. "Thank you, Harry." His eyes narrow and brow furrow.

"For what?" He was confused.

"Putting up with me, taking care of me, loving me despite all my mood swings and cravings and craziness." It may sound random, my gratitude towards him, and it was. I hadn't really gotten too mad at him for anything, but I was still grateful for all the support he'd given me the last eight and a half months.

"Of course I'd take care of you, baby. It's my job to make sure you've got all you need."

"Well, thanks anyway. I couldn't do this without you." He removed one of his hands from the steering wheel and placed it on mine. IT was warm and was about three times bigger then my own.


We pulled into the driveway to our home. Harry rushed around the car to got to my door to help me out. I then tried to help him bring in some of the gifts, but he wouldn't let me.

"Remember when we were in America and you wouldn't let me carry my own bags and I told you to let me do things when I could because there would be a time when I wouldn't be able to do them for myself anymore." We thought back to that time. "That time is now." I put down the small bag I had in my hand, then put the hand on my back to help support it. I waddled to the door unlocking it in time for Harry to bring in the first armful of gifts. I stayed on the couch as he brought in gift after gift.

"We have too many friends." He said for the fourth time. There were so many, Harry and I decided I would just open them at home. Harry brought in the last few, collapsing on the couch next to me. He burried his head in my chest, his eyes fell shut. I hated to disturb him.

"Harry?" I asked as my finger twirled the hair by his neck. He groaned into my skin, his hot breath gave me goose bumps.

"Can you go to the store to get thank you notes?" He brought his head up from my chest, putting his fingers in mine and holding my hand tight.

"Come with me please, so you can pick them out. Plus I think we should pick up some food." He asked.

"Okay." I agreed, it had been a while since I'd been to the store.

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