Three Months Married

Sara and Harry have been together for years, but they've only been married for three months. What will the find out when Sara travels to America with the boys?


5. Chapter 5.

After we told family, I had started showing. Rumors swirled, many of them accusing me of cheating. Harry and I ignored that.


Four more months had passed and many doctor appointments later I was huge.The good thing about now though is that Harry would be home for the remainder of my pregnancy, and for a month or so after. Really this baby couldn't have come at a better time.

So I sat, lap top on the table in front of me. I was writing the message and plans for the following Sunday's youth group. I'd decided it would be about God's timing. I was going to use the child inside me and my relationship with Harry as examples. Though Harry and I didn't plan for the child that was about to come, as I looked at Harry's work schedule we wouldn't have any other time to be together for as much time as we would now. This being our first child, Harry would be able to present for more of this pregnancy then if we'd tried for a child at a later date.

"Babe!" I yelled through the house before I had realized Harry wasn't home. He had gone out with Louis for something. Hopefully he comes back soon with the peanut butter and bananas I'd asked for before he left.

[Hey, where are ya? :v) ] I sent in a text to him. About ten minutes later I got a reply.

[Lou and I are at the store getting your food, do you want anything else?] Some crisps sounded nice, some baked cheddar and sour cream ones, with crisp dip, but the kind my aunt used to make. I was about to send a reply but I decided it would be easier to call.

"Hey Sweetie, some baked cheddar sour cream crisps and I'll need some ingredients for some dip."

"All right what will you need for that?"

"A thing of cream cheese, I think we've got mayo, and I'll need an onion."

"Do you still want the peanut butter and bananas?" He asked.

"If you wouldn't mind, that would be nice, also strawberry jam and white bread."

"So you want the cheesy crisps, the stuff for the dip, peanut butter, jam, bread, and bananas"

"Yup!" I smile into the words.

"All right Louis and I will be home soon."

"Kay. Love you."

"Love you too." Then he made a kissing noise into the phone. I felt bad, If I were him and he were asking me constantly to go get him food, I definitely wouldn't be as patient.

I heard Harry's car pull up, and car doors shut. I started feeling pressure from the inside of my abdomen. The little one inside was happy his or her dad was home. I heard him on the other side of the door laughing at something Louis undoubtedly said. I put my hand where I felt the pressure.

"Babe!" I yelled loudly. I heard something drop and fast foot steps. Harry had been running to me.

"Are you all right?" He asked when he got to me. Holding me making sure I was all right.

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine." He face relaxed. I took his hand and put it on the spot where the pressure was.

"Is that?" I nodded. Louis walked past putting the bags of food in the kitchen before coming back us, he stood watching.

"Yup, it's our little one." I hadn't wanted to get to comfortable calling it a he or she so I often called him or her, he or she. "She or he started as soon as you started laughing."

"Really?" He brought his face close to my stomach. "I'll give you everything I have, anything you want you can have." He cooed.

"I think our little one is hungry." I said remembering my own hunger. Harry helped me up from the couch. I opened the bag of crisps and started eating them. Louis went to grab one out of the bag, but my hand slapped it away. "I'm sooo sorry!" I turned my full body to him. "I've no idea why I did that, here." I held open the bag for him to take some. "Lou, oh my gosh. This baby is doing crazy things to me." I said.

The baby indeed had been doing crazy things to me. I'd been eating more, that's for sure. But I wasn't just eating more of the things I'd normally eat, I was eating crisps and fried chicken and all this crap that was so bad for you. Stuff I'd only eat on occasion before. Now I'd devour a bag of crisps a day.

"Harry, you've got to stop me from eating all these crisps." I declared putting the bag back.

"Nuh uh, you almost just took Lou's arm off because he was going to eat one."

"Well then Niall needs to get over here so he can eat these so I don't."

"We both know that as soon as he eats them and they are gone, you will ask me to go to the store to get you some more." He knew this would happen because it happened last week. Louis laughed as I put another crisp in my mouth. I continued eating the crisps as I made the dip, when the dip was ready, the crisps were gone.

"Cuuppcccaaakkkkkeee!" I called through the house.

"I'll be back in ten minutes!" He called back. "Do you need anything else?" He was in the door way pulling on his shoes.

"I don't know, can I come with you?"

"Of course babes." I put the things away and then went to put on some decent clothes on as I had taken into a recent liking of sweat pants and t-shits. I came down the steps in some of the jeans I'd bought when I started needed them and a cute flowy top. I had also decided to put make up on for the first time in about a week. "Wow." His green eyes open wide. I posed for him.

"Haz is right Sara, you look great." It would have been one thing for me to be a normal pregnant woman who wasn't married to a boy bander, but I was so when I went out I knew I had to look at least a little all right.

"I try. And you know I haven't really tried to look my best lately so..." I trailed off, as Harry came close to me putting a delicately passionate kiss on my lips.

"Hey now get a room." When we broke apart Louis had covered his own eyes with his hands.

"Come on." I followed Harry as he pushed Louis in front of us out the door.

A/N: ok so tell me what u think please its not going to be a lot of chapters so i hope you guys will like it. :) 

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