Three Months Married

Sara and Harry have been together for years, but they've only been married for three months. What will the find out when Sara travels to America with the boys?


4. Chapter 4.

I slept well, waking up to the smell of cinnamon pancakes, and the massive need to get sick again.

"I'm really getting sick of this." I confessed after washing out my mouth.

"It will get better soon." Harry told me taking my hand and tugging me down the steps. Liam stood in front of our stove flipping the pancakes. "Smells delicious!" Harry said walking in and seeing his friends gathered around our breakfast nook.

"Yes, it does!" I quickly grabbed a plate, stacking three cakes on top of each other. I squirted a bit of maple syrup on them and chowing down. "They taste great as well!"

"Well I hope, I'm not much of a cook." He confessed. The last time he did, everything was over done... he was making us steak, trying to grill it out on the balcony of his flat. Each bite had to accompanied by a large drink of water.

We ate and then Harry and I gave them a tour of the house. Harry and I made sure when we bought and decorated the place there had to be a few extra bedrooms, one containing a few bunk beds and it's own bathroom. This of course was meant for the lads.

"Thanks for thinking of us." Louis gave me a side hug while we stood looking into the already messy room they had only slept in last night.

"I'd never move away from you guys and then not have a place for you guys." My curly haired husband told his friends. Then he looked down to his watch on his wrist. Liam noticed, his eyes watching Harry's arm fall from his sight.

"Well boys I think Sara and Harry have got plans for the day." He was talking about of trip we were going to take to see his mum.

"Actually, I've still got to check with work." I had the past week off, but I had to check to make sure it would be all right. "Stay as long as you'd like, I should go in to the office anyway." I took Harry's hand pulling him from his friends. When we were a safe distance away from his friends I began talking.

"I'm sorry, I've got to ask for the time off." It shouldn't be a big deal, I tried telling myself. "We can just explain to them we may not get another chance to go visit her for a while." I tried to comfort the distress I saw in the muscles of his face. He wasn't pleased that I'd just brought this up. "You can come and flash you smile and of course they'll let me go." We put on proper clothes before letting the lads know we'd be back in a couple hours.

I drove us to the church where I worked. I was the Youth Pastor at a small Wesleyan church a few minutes from our house. We walked in, greeting Linda who sat at the front desk.

"How was America?" She asked. I looked to Harry a smile on both our faces before I turned my attention back to her to answer.

"It was really good. Actually Harry and I got some amazing new while we were there." I confided. The smile on her face revealed she already knew. She did her best to hide her excitement, but she failed, jumping up from her seat running around the desk to surround me with a hug. She was a few years older then me and really just a lovely, godly woman. "Is Pastor Dan in?" I asked taking her and Harry's hand pulling them to his office to tell him and ask for the time off.

I looked into the little window, making sure he wasn't in a appointment. I knocked still just in case he was praying.

"We'll hello Sara, Harry. Did you have a nice time in America?"

"Yeah, it was good." I told him as we sat in the chairs.

"Harry were things good?" Pastor Dan was literally the best in that he never seemed to treat Harry different, no matter his church attendance.

"Yup, really good." He squeezed my hand.

"Well here's the thing, Um I had been getting sick every morning, since like the middle of last week and I'd missed my period this month so I took a pregnancy test, and well, I'm with child." My lips hurt from how big my smile had been.

"We'll that's just wonderful isn't it!" He said coming back around his desk to congratulate us. Linda gave us each another hug.

"Yes, we're truly very excited." Harry spoke for us.

"But the thing is, Harry's schedule is kind of crazy and we'd really like to take a trip up to see his mum, and that might require a little more time off. I'm so sorry, it will only be a few more days and then I'll be back until this little guy is due." I explained, putting my hand over my stomach.

"Yes, of course take all the time you need." He hugged us and we were on our way.

"Thanks again!" I waved closing the door behind me.

We got into the car, Harry driving now. I hadn't needed the job, I thought. Harry could support us plenty. But it wasn't the money that was why I did it. I did it because I was called by God to do it. You see I felt very alone until God came into my life. He came into my life and changed me, making me want to help others, teenagers like I was, get through those terrible times, when you feel alone.

Anyway plans to see his mum were a go. We drove back to our house. It was empty, the lads were gone.

"Where'd they go?" I asked Harry as we walked though to our kitchen. A note sat next to the bowl of fruit I kept.

Thanks so much for the room and letting us stay last night. Also it was wonderful having you in America with us Sara. Have fun on your trip north to see Anne. Stay safe and heathy.
-Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn

Harry came up behind me, pulling me into his arms. I turned, facing him. The sun shined through the window behind him, causing him to glow. I looked into his eyes, a gold ring appeared around his pupil, a ring I'd never noticed before.

He was smiling, his lovely pink lips nicely moisturized like he wore chap stick. The dimples on either side of his face, on his cheeks had made him seem like a kid again.

"I hope our child has your dimples." I thought out loud.

"I hope he or she has your eyes." I yawned.

"What time is it?" I asked suddenly overcome by tiredness.

"I think a little past noon." I rest my head on his chest, the beating of his heart soothing, my eyes closed.


I hadn't known I had fallen asleep, but apparently I did. My head laid on Harry's lap, our bodies on the couch. The telly's volume was down low. Harry tried not to wake me.

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked after looking around the room for the time. Why hadn't we put a clock in here. Then I made a mentle note that I would get one for the room.

"Just a little over and hour." I looking up at him, a window wasn't behind him but he was still glowing.

"When are we going to see your mum?" I asked after taking in the beauty that is my husband.

"When ever, is fine."

"So we can leave after we pack?" He asked.

"Yeah, if that's what you would like." I leaned up.

"Oh, and thanks for carrying me to the couch and being a lovely pillow." I smiled at him.We went to the room pulling out clothes from the bags we had just brought home and putting in new, clean ones.

"Mind if I shower?" I asked him after having just remembered I hadn't yet today.

"Yeah, just don't take too long, the next train leaves in a couple hours and it take a little while to get there.


Gemma, Anne, and Harry's step dad sat in front of us. Harry's arm was also held out in front of us, his phone on speaker with his dad.
"Guys, Sara is pregnant!" Gemma and Anne stood immediately to hug us. Harry and I were smashed together as his step dad had come and joined us.

"Oh my gosh, Sara! I knew you were looking more gorgeous then before!" Harry's mum let out in excitement.

"Well thank you." We were about the same height so it was easy to look at her.

"And you guys found out in America?" Gemma questioned

"Yeah, Sara had been feeling funny for a few day before and then in the mornings she was violently sick, then feeling fine for the rest of the day.

"Oh well this really is exciting! Congratulations!" The phone yelled out.

"Thanks dad." He said bringing the mouth piece close to his mouth.

It had been almost eleven pm when Harry and I were finally in bed after talking with his family. I stood looking at all the things from his childhood. I'd been here before, more then once, but it never failed to be adorable. I stood in front of a shelf that held his spider man toys, making them move. I saw a mirror across the room when I turned to my left. Thankfully you couldn't quite tell I had been pregnant.    
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