Three Months Married

Sara and Harry have been together for years, but they've only been married for three months. What will the find out when Sara travels to America with the boys?


2. Chapter 2.

It was all starting to make since now. The lack of a period this month, the morning sickness. I was pregnant. I quickly got up off the bed, running to the mirror in the bathroom. I lifted up my shirt to see if I could see anything. I knew i wouldn't be able to, but the thought was still something that seemed plausible. I wasn't a hundred percent sure that I was pregnant, I don't think you can ever be completely sure, but I knew I would wait till Harry and i were back home in London before I'd take a pregnancy test.

I sat trying to watch another episode of my beloved show about an alien doctor.. It was the sixth season, with the Silence, and Amy possibly being pregnant. The thought made excitement consume me. I had to call Harry, I thought, but I hadn't wanted to distract him. Or worry him. But he'd be so excited, I argued with my self, before deciding upon telling him when he got back later that night.


"I'm back." A calm voice called out as soft fingers brushed the hair out of my face. I must have fallen asleep, as the room was completely dark when I opened my eyes. I wiped the sleep from them while Harry slipped off his jeans and put some sweats on. He came and joined me on the bed. "How was your day?"

"I've literally sat here all day, I guess I fell asleep." I told him. "How was yours?" A smile crept on his face.

"Lux was there, and she kept doing the most adorable things." Baby Lux, I thought. Baby. BABY! The energy pulsed through my veins as I remembered. Before I could speak my stomach made it's hunger known, making a grumbling noise that could be heard in Tokyo. "Hungry?" He put his hand on his own stomach. I nodded and stood up, pulling him up with me. He kept his eyes on me, staring almost, his grin different then I'd ever seen in our four years of knowing each other.

"What?" I felt the color wash over my face as I stared into his eyes.

"It's just, you-... You look absolutely stunning." It almost sounded like he had wanted to say something else but I ignored it, biting my lip and ducking my head down avoiding the eye contact he was trying to give me. I decided I'd tell him and then get a test, not knowing wasn't an option.

We left the room, hand in hand.

"Where would you like to go?" He asked walking down the street the spring air fresh on our skin.

"Burgers, a place we haven't got at home." I said passing yet another McDonald's.

He lead me to a place called Five Guys. We stood in line, he explained how I needed to do things. He got a regular burger with everything except jalapenos, while I just out mayo cheese and lettuce. We got a large drink and a large fry to share. I was surprises no one had come to ask for a picture.

We finished, I wiped my face plucking up the courage to tell him. I knew he would want to know. I knew he deserved to know. The public place seemed too crowed, as we shared a table with another small family. It was two adults and a baby. Baby!

I had to tell him.

"We've got to go, but I need to make a quick stop at a drug store." I threw our trash away leading him to the door. Photographers and fans waited for us. Harry slung his arms around my waist pulling me close to him. I kept my head up, trying to act like it didn't affect me as negatively as it actually did. "Actually lets just get back to the hotel." I told him picking up the pace to get back to the safety of our room as quickly as possible.

We got into the lobby, I told Harry I'd be up in a second I just needed to stop at the gift shop really quick. He reluctantly let go of my waist, leaving me as he rode the elevator up to our room.

I ran to the shop a few feet away, grabbed the test, threw enough money on the counter and ran out. The elevator ride up felt ten time longer then it should have been. The doors opened, Harry stood waiting for me. His eyes lighting up, upon seeing me. I took his hand tugging him along behind me. I waited for him to take the key out of his pocket. He held the door open for me, I ran to the bathroom. I slammed the door behind me.

"Are you not feeling well again?" He called through the door. I leaned against it, locking it before going to the toilet. I ripped open the box, holding the stick so I could pee on it.

"I'm fine, just uhh... really had to pee." It was the truth. I peed on it sat it on the edge of the tub, washed my hands and then read the back of the box for how long I had to wait. The two minutes I had to wait seemed longer then the elevator ride.

I closed my eyes saying a prayer before looking at the stick. I went to the door, unlocked it. I could hear Harry stand up from the bed quickly, waiting to greet me at the door. The nervousness could be felt in the room. He stayed where he was as the door opened. His eyes showed an incredible amount of happiness. He knew, I didn't need to tell him. All I could so was stare back at him.

"Harry, uh, I think I know why I've been feeling bad in the mornings." His smile grew. "I'm, well, I'm pregnant!" I tear fell from my eye.

"Really?" I nodded. He ran towards me grabbing me in his arms, pulling me up off my feet. His head was buried in the crook of my neck. The shirt under his face became wet with his tears.

We'd talked about a family long before we got married. We both wanted one or some. We wanted a family. Though we hadn't expected it so soon, we were still extremely filled with all the happiness in the world. No two people in the world were as happy as we were.

"We've got to tell the lads!" He exclaimed, wiping the tears from his eyes. Only the single tear fell from your eyes, but Harry used the pad of his thumb to wiped it from my face. I nodded again, words still unable to be spoken.

I looked in the mirror one last time, putting my hands on my growing abdomen. Harry joined the picture, putting his arms and hands around mine. We looked like a happy family, Every thing I'd ever wanted.

We left our room yet again, Niall stood in the hallway, snap back on about to knock on Liam and Zayn's door.

"Where is everyone?" Harry asked him.

"Liam, and Zayn are in here, Lou is back in our room on the phone with his mum." He said, his eyes not leaving me.

"Go get him." Harry said crossing the hall to the other lad's room. He knocked, Liam came to the door. "Niall and Louis are in their way." He said walking in, pulling me behind.

"Come on in." He sounded slightly annoyed, but not caring enough to kick us out. I felt his eyes follow me. Zayn was asleep on his bed. Harry let go of me, crawling next to him.

"Zaaayyynnn...." He cooed. Then he got real close to his ear. "ZAYN!!!" He yelled. Liam waited by the open door for Louis and Niall. When they came in Harry sat on the armrest of the chair I sat in. Zayn was wiping the sleep from his eyes, while Louis was saying goodbye to him mum. "Sorry, this shouldn't take long." Harry apologized, looking to me, letting me share the news.

"All right, so as you know, Harry and I got married a few months ago, and well..." I looked to Harry for his smile to comfort me. "I'm pregnant!" They roared with happiness.

"I always thought Liam would have the first child." Louis said. Zayn as suddenly very awake. His eyes locked on my body.

"Okay, this is getting really weird, why are you all staring at me!" It made me feel weird, as i had caught them all looking at me.

"You are literally glowing Sweetheart." Harry explained.

"Yeah, you know when someone is pregnant they are told they are glowing." Zayn said.

"I didn't think that women actually glowed." Niall confessed.

"Me either."

"But you are. And looking as stunning as ever!" Louis brought me up to me feet engulfing me in a hug. The lads soon followed, putting their arms around me.

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