Next To You

Rachel and Zayn have been dating for 2 years. Zayn starts acting, let's just say, different. They don't know why. Well at least not yet. They get into a fight, and the truth is revealed. What will happen? Will Rachel go to someone else?


1. Different



    "Wanna hang out?"I asked Zayn. He's been acting weird lately, so I wanted to see what's going on. It's been, weird. Like really weird. Like somethings going on.


    "Um, sure...."He said. See! Different!


     "Nevermind."I said getting aggravated. I feel like punching something. I hung up and threw the phone. I ran over to the couch and grabbed a pillow. I trew it across the room and sat down. I turned on the tv and picked up the phone. I thought for a minute. Hey, I can call Harry! He is my best friend.


     Ring, ring, ring. "Hello?"He asked.


     "Hey, wanna hang out?"I asked sounding desperate. But I was.


     "Yeah, where do you want to go?"He asked sounding happy.


    "I don't care. We could just go to the movies, or the mall, or we can go out to eat..."I said thinking of more options.


     "Or we can do all three."Harry said. I smiled.


     "Yeah sure!"I'm so happy someone will hang out with me.


    "Okay I'll come to your house now. Dtart getting ready."He said.


    "Okay, bye!"I said hanging up the phone. I ran up to my room to get ready. I looked in my closet for something to wear. I decided on my purple pants, and a black crop top with a white heart in the middle. I put on my black flip flops and went to the bathroom. I put on mascara and lipgloss. I walked downstairs and saw Harry on the couch watching tv.


     "Hey, Haz!"I ran over and sat next to him. He hugged me.


     "I didn't see you in three weeks!"He said.


     "I saw you last week."I said, giving him a look.


     "Oh..... Well let's got then!"Harry said getting up. I followed him and we left.


     When we got into the car, I turned up the radio all the way. "It feels like a perfect night, to dress up like hipsters. And make fun of our exes."I sang.


     "Ah ah. Ah ah."Harry sang and I laughed.


     "It feels like a perfect night, for breakfast at midnight. To fall in love with strangers."


     "Ah ah. Ah ah."Harry sang laughing.


     "She's probably making fun of you."I said.


     "What?"He asked.


    "And make fun of our exes. That's you."I said.


    "Oh, I get it."He said.


    "Yeah!"I said sarcastically. We laughed and soon arrived at the movie theater.


    "What do you want to see?"He asked. I thought about it.


    "The Call."I said. Yeah that's it. I wanna see that.


    "alright."He said. He got the tickets and we walked into the movie theater.









     "That kid was so annoying! I don't even know what that movie was about because of him."Harry said. I was still laughing. "He seriously kicked my seat the WHOLE time!"He said.


     I finally stopped laughing. "That was so funny. You looked so annoyed."I said. He gave me a death glare.


     "That's because I was annoyed."He said. I laughed even more. It was hilarious,


    "How are you and Zayn?"harry asked me. I stopped laughing and frowned.


    "He's acting weird."I said. "It's sorta pissing me off."I said.


    "It's okay."He said hugging me. I put my head on his chest and I smiled.


    "Do you want to stop by and talk to him later?"Harry asked.


    "Yeah."I said.


    We went to the mall and walked around for a bit. I bought a t-shirt from Hollister, and jeans from American Eagle. We went back to the car.


    "Do you want to go to Zayn's now?"Harry asked.


    "Yeah."I said. I'm sorta nervous.


    We drove to Zayn's house and we went inside. He wasn't downstairs. I went upstairs and stood outside his door. I had my hand on the door knob. I finally opened it and saw Zayn........... Making out with no other than Perrie Edwards.


    I cleared my throat. "Oh.. Uh... Rachel."He said.I ran downstairs and pulled Harry outside. I got in the car and cried. Harry got in and rubbed my back.

    "It's okay."He said. He leaned in and kissed me.

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