At Sunset

This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a boy that might like her to or is it just for the popularity...


1. First day of Secondary school

Emily woke up one morning and decided to be a little different and only put a little foundation on and a reasonable amount of mascara on because she usually puts loads on.

She quickly ate her toast and went to meet her best friend Kaylen at the bus stop, but  she hated taking the bus because the year 10's sometimes threw food at her, so she prefered walking but today she decided to give her legs a rest plus the year 10's were going on a school trip to farthingloe farm.

She got to school in a fairly good mood  but her first lesson was Maths and like any other teenage girl she absolutely hated Maths, especially algebra! then for her second lesson she had Art, then on her way to the canteen to get her self a cookie, as it was break, she bumped into the most popular boy in year 10 (Mark)!

"Oh, i'm so sorry" said Emily

"No worries Abigail" said Mark 

"Err, my name is Emily not Abigail" said Emily

"Yeh i knew that" said Mark

Emily suddenly walked off because she knew he had nothing good to say.

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