Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


12. You killed them


Eli's POV

  I guess i'm angry,but i'm more scared than angry,he can kill my best friend if he wants,he can do anything to her,i need to do something;but that's a suicide.I don't care,maybe i can use my powers,that is not gonna work,i'm screwed,but at least i can save her.What if he's lying and he kills her after my arrival?.I hate this fear,i hate him so much.

When i went down stairs Caleb was there,i even looked at him,stupid.He was looking right at me,in concern.

"What's wrong?"

"Why do you care you owe me nothing 'cause you already payed your debt."

"I can hear your heart beat faster,is it because of what i said."-i didn't wanted him to think that i care about what he thinks,but that's better than him knowing my little phone called.

"Yes,but it's ok."

"You're lying,tell me what's going on."-how can he be like that,it has no sense keep lying.

"Please don't tell anyone,but Louis has my best friend,and he killed her mother,and he want me to go to the hill tomorrow night,and i really don't know what to do."- i began to cry,again,basically i'm crying since i got here.This place is crap.

"I'll help you."

"No,i know you don't care."

"I want him dead,it's not about you,it's about me and the pack,he'll come after us."-of course he wants Louis dead,he's just like him,well he's  not,Caleb helped me i know he doesn't care about me,but he wasn't scared when everyone else was,he...saved me.

"What are you thinking?"


                                                                                                                    *the date* I drove through the road that led me near the path to the hill.It was a long way to the top,but i need to be strong,the stars are so bright today,how ironic...i thought.Caleb told me that when Louis leave Erika go,he'll come and then attack.I'm not as scared as i thought i would be.

"Wow,you're  punctual,i like that,that way we'll end faster."-i don't see Erika,i cant believe he was lying,if he killed her i'll make him pay.

"Eli"-i turned around and see Erika,she is alive,thanks god,how come i didn't see her before?.Then i turned again and saw two men right next to her.

"I'll let her go,but you need to come closer."-i did just what he told me to do,i can risk Erika's life.She was quiet  now,i hate seeing her like this.

"Let her go now."-he   beckoned one of the men,and he let her go,Erika just began to run,and after a few minutes i didn't see her anymore.Then i calmed myself down.

"Ok now you're here,time to kill."-i know whats going to happen now,i closed my eyes 'cause i haven't seen Caleb,maybe he was lying when he told me that he was going to protect me.Then i opened my eyes and i saw Caleb there he was about to kill Louis,when the two men surrounded him.

 Caleb was fighting hard,he's really strong,but they are three and he's just one.

"Stop you're killing him."-i was afraid of them i don't want to see Caleb dead,i just don't want to.They were about to kill him,when i heard a gunshot,and then another and the last one.I turned to see who was it,it was my dad,i can't believe it.

"Dad, you killed them".
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