Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


8. They are behind you


Eli's POV

 When i got home everything was so empty.Everything is so empty,i don't know why,but i'm the kinda girl who doesn't like to be alone in a house that big,it's a bit scary,but i'm brave so 'don't think about it' i thought for a moment.I went upstairs to do my homework,i always do it really quick because i'm smart,everybody says that i'm and i know i'm specially in science i love biology and math.

 Ok i'm dome with my tasks,so i'm actually like i don't know what to do now.I looked out of my window and there was he,Caleb 'i remember his name,but i really don't want to'.I stood there staring at him,but he wasn't alone,what????David,Mark,Claudia,and Melissa were with him,and another man.He looked really creepy,as if he knows everything.They were training or something,i could tell because they were climbing trees,and fighting against each other,running and stuffs like that,that doesn't seems weird because Tabitha told me that Caleb was the martial arts teacher,and all of them are in that class,actually they are the only kids at school taking that class.I want to know more about them,they are different,Tabitha doesn't see that,it's like i'm the only one who feels a different energy around them,that's why i'm crazy.I laughed at that thought.

 I began to write in my diary ,and after that i decided to take a walk, i love being in the woods.For my good luck when i went out of the house they weren't there anymore,good because i don't want strange emotions now.I think i can get lost in the woods,but i'm not afraid of that because i know that with my intuition i can get back home,i always do that.Now i'm here,this part of the forest is beautiful i can hear the water falling form the waterfall,i love the smell of the flowers,i just love being here,reading my book(i love reading by the way).

I was interrupted by a loud sound,it was like when someone is thrown against something,in this case i think it was maybe a tree,but who was that someone,i can't stand here doing nothing,i ran into the woods and a saw a group of men,they are three,and they are fierce-looking,they are now staring at me,i think i got in the wrong thing,i shouldn't be here.They began to surround me,and i'm feeling like i'm going to die.There is Caleb,he is on the ground,he seems so powerless.Well i guess i was wrong because he stood up with incredible force,and began to fight.I got scared because seconds later he was on the ground again and he was being beaten.Then i felt something deep inside me,i felt the need to scream and i did.Suddenly they were blown, 'did i do that?', 'no of course not'.They looked at me,'were they scared?'.Fear was the only thing i saw in their eyes,and after a blink there weren't there anymore.

I looked for Caleb,and he was unconscious,i tried to lift him and i got a good result because he stoop up,and tried to walk. Luckily his house wasn't that far,and he arrived there quite fast.Thanks god the door was open and i sat him on a armchair.I ran to the bathroom,looking for a kit or something alike.I found it and with some water  i began to cure the wounds in the arms,after that i tried to take his shirt off,i succeed and did the same with the wounds in his chest,he woke up.I could say that he's sore.I was surprised the wounds began to heal by simply touching them with the water,he saw it too and looked at me in shock,he stood up and took his shirt,he put it on and told me to go.

"What?"-i said 'why was he being so rude?'.It was like he could hear what i said,or read my mind because he answered my question right away.

"Because i'm like that,i don't care about what you think about me,i don't care about anything,now go."

I just wanted to slap his face so hard,but i can't because he would probably kill me.


I went out of the house,and i felt the need to look back,and i saw this man again,he was looking right at me,i ran away,and i felt good entering  
at home,i think i'm safe here.

Caleb's POV

"That girl is weird"

"I know,i think she's a witch,he healed my wounds just by touching me with water."

"Are you sure it was she?,maybe it was your healing powers,don't you think."

"Were injuries caused by vampires,it doesn't heal so easily remember".

"If she's a witch we have to kill her,if the vampires find out about her there'll be problems."

"Maybe we don't have to,maybe she can help us"

"Doing what,if she's a witch she has her sentence".

But i don't want to kill her,i don't know,but it's like she needs love,she needs company,she's like me.I'm quite sure she lost someone,she seems so vulnerable,i hopefully she's not a witch,and i'm just exaggerating.

I looked out of my window and there was she,'was she crying? '.I need to keep myself as far as i can from her i don't want drama.But seeing her like that kinda hurt me,'but why is this for?',i need to stop thinking about her,this is confusing my mind.


Days later

Eli's POV
Time here flies.I have spent a lot of time with Tabitha and she's my new best friend,but i haven't forgotten about Erika,she's my sister.
Today our biology teacher formed groups,and i'm with Mark,it's not that i don't like him,it's just that he's always with Derek,and that freaks me out,a lot.

These week has been weird,now and then i have seen a man staring at me,or going in the same direction as I.It was creepy i think he was chasing me,but Tabitha told me that i was being paranoid,i think she was right,because i stopped seeing the man behind my back.

After school i went to Mark's house.We went together because i didn't know where he lives.When we arrived he treated me good,we were dong the project together,he did nothing but stare at me shocked.

"What?"-i asked confused

"Nothing"-after that his phone began to ring,and the expression of his face changed.

"I have to take this."-he went out of the room,he looked concern.After  a few minutes he was there,looking straight at me.

"What?"-i asked loud.

"You have to go."

"Oh for real?"-i asked sarcastically.

"Look i have nothing against you,and i think you're pretty cool.Take this" -he gave me a pendant,it was a cross,okay now i'm scared.

"Why is this for?".

"It'll protect you,nobody can hurt you with this,nobody who wants hurt you can touch you anymore,believe me."

"What are you talking about,what people.?"

"The only thing i can tell you is that they're behind you."

I ran out of the house with the pendant in my right hand,i don't know what that means,but i'm afraid of those who are behind me.They could be those men in the woods,i never saw them again,or that man who i thought was chasing me.My head is such a mess right now.

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