Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


4. The last day together


Erika understands me pretty well,gosh i'm gonna miss her.I remember when i first met her,we were 9,and i was crying in the bathroom of the school,and then she came in.She was alone too,and she gave a warm smile,since then we became best friends.

  "Promise me that you'll never forget me"
  "I'll never forget you"

I know that my father lives far away,but it's not like i'm going to lose contact with her,she's the sister I've never had.

"I'm sorry ,i know your going through a lot,you're losing your grandma and you are going to live with a complete stranger,but no matter what happens,i'm with you,don't forget that" .

 I said nothing,i just wanted to enjoy the moment,so i just let my thoughts fly away.We just kept talking about random things,i laughed like mad,she knows how to make me forget about everything.

We went to the mall,and i bought nothing,but Erika packed the store,it was so funny to see her.After that we went to Taco Bells,she knows how much i love tacos.It was the best day of my life,but of course all good things must end.

We went back to my house,and began to pack.I packed all my clothes and also took pictures about us.

"I forgot something"

"What is it?"

"My diary"

I began to look for it,it was under my pillow.

"Take this"

"Wow,it's beautiful".She took a beautiful necklace out of her pocket.

"When did you buy it?"-i asked her.

"I bought it when you were looking the dresses,i'm really quick you know,i was thinking in a painting,but then i saw it and it has your name , this way i can always be by your side".

She's amazing,well it was late and i said good bye to Erika,of course she was going to come tomorrow before i left,but just in case.

I don't even want to imagine how  my life will be henceforth.

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