Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


3. The dream


Eli's POV:

"Here i am,i can feel the wind blowing in my face.It feels so good,i love it.The field full of flowers,i can stand here forever.I love being here,at the foot of the hill,it's so calm,it's just me and my thoughts,no one can interrupt me here.This is my own space.

I began to sing,and i heard foot steps,i turned around,there's nothing.Calm yourself girl.The sound of my voice is all i can hear.Then it's this voice in the background,as if it wants to sing with me.I just stood up,and began to walk away,i'm not scared,i'm only thinking that this is crazy,and i need to go back home."

-"Wait"-What is going on,i turned around and saw nothing."Keep walking don't think about it Elizabeth"_i told myself.

 Now everything is just normal,i imagined that voice,but it sounded so real.

"AHHHHHH"-I heard that scream in the woods,"i can't go there",i have been told that the woods are really dangerous,but there's someone who needs help,i don't care about what he told me,i'm helping that person right now."

"What happened?"-i can't walk i'm like paralyzed.I have never been so scared in all my life,never.I went to help,but now i put myself in trouble.I saw a man,i don't know what it is,but i can swear it's a man.I got lost in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Is he going to hurt me?"-Then i turned to see the woman,i think she was the one who was screaming.He was grabbing her by the neck."What?".This is weird,he threw her against a tree.Now she's immobile.

"Is she dead?"

Oh my god,he's staring at me,i began to shake i can feel my knees reeling,he is closer,and closer and now he's right in front of me,i can feel his breath in my face.I  analyzed for a minute his expression.He's angry i can tell it.

Then i flashed for a second and he wasn't there,all what i have were scrapers because of my little race in the woods.I sat on a log to rest.
I remembered,the woman.Where's she?.

Eli,i heard a voice. Eliiiiiii".

I opened my eyes,it was a dream,a weird one...There in my bedroom was Erika,she was crying,but why?

"Eli,your grandma told me"she finally spoke out,i began to cry too ,all the memories from yesterday appeared in my mind,this is so hard.I hugged her and she told me that everything was gonna be OK,i can't believe that,"how can everything be ok?",that idea is just impossible.I stood up and walked toward the bathroom,i just want to take a shower right now.

After my shower,Erika was still there,i know she just wants to help but i need to be alone,i looked myself at the mirror.I tried to remember my dream,but what?i don't remember anything.

"Erika lets go out i don't want to go school today"

"That's good,i don't want to go either,i just want to be with you,because we're gonna be separated for a while ,i guess"

I smiled,i'm gonna miss her a lot.

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