Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


9. The ball


Eli's POV

Thanks god we have this week off.The school is closed for a least 9 days,i'm jumping in happiness,i like school,but i'm a bit tired these days.I'm keeping the pendant  that Mark gave me,i have it in my neck,i put in on one of my necklace.I don't know if this really works,or if it was just a joke,because i know Mark can be a jerk when he wants,but my sixth sense was telling me to keep it,so i did.

My father is in a business trip,so i have the house all for me.Tabitha was still bothering me by telling me to do a huge party,but i'm not that kind of girl.Today there was gonna be a dance,and it was very fancy by the way.It was like a tradition everybody must assist,every year was a different theme,this year is party mask,but i don't have one,so i'm going to Tabitha's house,she'll give a mask,and she'll also do my hair and make up,i love her for doing that.

After almost 2 hours i was ready,i stared my self at the mirror,it looked like this
(Remember that i'm ginger)

I'm feeling beautiful,and the best thing of all is that nobody'll know that is me.After 2 more hours Tabitha was done,and we were ready for the party.

I'm keeping my eyes wide open if Mark was really telling the truth those people were gonna make a move soon,but 'why is that for?,what do they want from me?'.I really don't get it,but now i need to keep my mind off of that matter.
We got to the dance hall,there are so many people here,of course,it's because it's a traditional ball,almost the whole town is here.I felt everyone's eyes on me.
    "You're on fire girl"-i laughed at that,Tabitha always makes me laugh when i'm nervous.

After the speech of the mayor everybody was dancing and drinking,i was just sitting in chair waiting for the dance to end,i decided that i could be better outside,so i went to the balcony and took i deep breath.

"You look lonely"


"Do you want to dance?"

"I actually don't know how to dance"

"Nobody,besides me, will see you,and i don't know who you're."

I looked deeply into his eyes,yeah i can trust him.

"Okay"i said shaky.

Caleb's POV

Louis told me that i need to take her out of the dance and he'll do the rest,he wants to kill her before than the vampires can get her,they have been chasing her after our fight in the woods,but they couldn't do anything to her,because Mark gave her that weird pendant,i don't know if i'll be capable to do it.

I went outside and i saw her there.She looks beautiful,'what?',i think i'm crazy.I asked her to dance with me,then i'll take her with Louis,hopefully she doesn't know who i'm.

"Okay"-she said,i took her hand and we began to dance,we don't even have music,but i don't care.I'm getting lost in her blue eyes,i think interesting about werewolves is that if you look deeply into people's eyes you can watch their whole life as if it was a movie,and then understand their feelings and thoughts.

Eli's POV

He's so charming,and he's treating me like i'm so special.I'm feeling like there's no one else here,actually there's no one else here outside.
I got lost in his blue eyes,i don't even know him,but i'm feeling like i have seen those eyes before...Caleb.No it can be because David told Tabitha that he wasn't coming.

"I have to go".

"Wait ,why?".

"I just can't be here,sorry".

He let me here with tears in my eyes,what happened we were dancing and the he just went.'Is there something wrong with me?','why does everyone leave me?'.

Caleb's POV

I know exactly what she's thinking,i have seen her life,everyone leaves her alone.I have seen everything,her grandma,her friends,her personality,and the crazy things,i love every little thing about her,every detail,and i can't love her,but i cannot kill her,i'll give my life for hers,i really love this girl,and i have never been in love.
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