Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


14. The alley


Eli's POV


This whole month have been pretty weird and funny 'cause i'h been learning many new spells and hanging around with Melissa and Claudia,they are really nice people.I'm worried about my grandma,she's in the hospital,but my father says she's ok,he writes me letters every week,but it is not the same i miss her,and about Erika,she is avoiding my calls and messages and i can't blame her.The good thing is that we are in spring brake,i really need this,today i'm going out with Clau and Meli,we're going to the movies,to night is girls night.


"Eli,Melissa is here."


"I'm coming."I ran as fast as i could,and jumped into the car.

~Minutes later~


This movie is so boring,i don't understand anything because is the sequel and i haven't seen the first part so i'm like so lost.I think i'm going out  for a while.


"Girls i'm going outside to take some air ok."They didn't even turn to see me,how rude.


I can feel the fresh air stroking my face,it feels so nice.then i heard a sound,great it's a scream i ran and entered in the alley (http://24.media.tumblr.com/f811e2a9bf52199a0de2db9f96be0d4f/tumblr_mk8c22q2j11s6gxvto1_500.jpg),two months ago i wouldn't even think about see what happened but now i know i'm a witch,a powerful one.But then  i saw no one.When i turned around to come back to the movies someone spun me around.It was the same woman i have seen in one of my dreams and she had an evil grin on her face.She took a step back and the man beside her grabbed my wrist.Then i looked at him i was really angry,who he thinks he is.I lifted him in the air without blinking (http://25.media.tumblr.com/138f66626fb35301cb66ef9b05a968a5/tumblr_mk8b0hHHWy1s6gxvto1_500.gif).Then i pronounced another spell to keep the woman far away from me,but it was kinda hard because i had to be doing two things at the same time.


Another man appeared and he ran so fast that i lost my concentration and he  he threw me toward the garbage container.I'm like losing an important game,are they going to kill me?.Now i'm totally surrounded i looked at every single possible exit,but i had no way out,at least they can't hurt me because i have the necklace that Mat gave me,but they still can kidnap me or something worse.


But then when everything seemed to be lost he came,like my savior,like an angel,how ironic he's always there when i need him.He jumped from the roof( http://25.media.tumblr.com/9f5d447b5d47b3e7b5594cd4ee5ec88f/tumblr_mk8dm8tsOv1s6gxvto1_400.gif).At the moment his feet touched the ground,the woman left and the two men bean to fight with him,now we're two against two,fair enough.He hit one in the face and the nose,then he continued with the chest it was pretty rough.I covered the other one with fire and he died,well that was what i thought,but after 5 seconds he stood up and ran as fast as the wind.The one who was fighting with Caleb died after he stabbed him with a stake.


"You like to involve yourself in trouble don't you?-he asked me with a grin in his face.


"Why do you care stupid?"-he smiled even more and now i feel stupid what did i say it wasn't funny at all.


"Are going to thank me?".


"No i had everything  under control"


"Yeah sure"he know i'm lying e can feel my heart beating,but i don't care.Then i said that he needed i don't want to be with him any other second,but of course he began to walk getting close to me.


"Is that what you want"-he is about to kiss me or something,what the heck.


"Yes".Then he left without saying a word.(http://25.media.tumblr.com/dd08c6fe77e0f5c4b2b1f66a4a06de6a/tumblr_mk8enccQIn1s6gxvto1_500.gif)

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