Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


16. Save her

Caleb's POV
 I felt as if an arrow was  crossing my body.I never told her how i felt,i guess i'm too proud to do that. Mr Gilmore and i went on her search,i had to find her or i would die.We basically jumped in his van.The night was so dark and i got an overwhelming felling....was it guilt?.Well i left her alone,maybe it was my fault i should have stayed with her.I felt the wind stroking my face and i think that helped me to think better.I closed myblue eyes and tried to think about the moment i fell in love with her in the party.Everything happened so fast, but i'm happy i met her and now i couldn't lose her.I thought about her eyes and her lips,and how badly i wanted to kiss her.Then something came to my mind.We live in an old town and there are many ancient houses on the outskirts of the village,all of them are abandoned,maybe they are in one of those houses.I turned my face to the driver.Eli's father
 "I think i know where they are"-There was a moment of silence,he was thinking.I guess he doesn't trust me,but i don't really care.
 "Sure.where do you think they are?"I was astonished at his reaction,he was so calm and her daughter was in danger,he seemed like he didn't care at all."At the outskirts of the village.You know where that is, right?"I wasn't expecting him to answer.He was a really tranquil man,he rarely talks.He also lived in the town since he was a kid,so i knew he knew the path.As i was expecting he didn't answer me,he just nodded.
         The was a long silence.The road was dessert and everything was quiet.I could hear the sound of a fly if there were any.Then after 20 minutes we arrived.The houses looked as if they were haunted.Even the nature seemed dead.We looked around but everything was normal,except for a tiny light in one of the houses.But i still could see it,of course i'm a werewolf.I wonder if he saw it too.But i don't care.I think he saw it like i did,because his eyes are focus on the house trying to look for an entry, i guess.He started to move away form me.I followed him 'cause i had no idea what he was doing,and i didn't want to question him.We jumped the fence that was bordering the house.We entered from the right side of the house.Slowly walking to find a way to get inside.Vampires are like us,they are  very sensitive.Finally, there was an open window and we could entered the house.I feet happy because we were in,but i'm worried about her.I hope she still alive.
 There was a scream coming from one of the rooms.At this moment i don't care about anything,i don't care if i die i just want to save her.I entered the room and there she is.Gagged but yet beautiful.Then i saw too pairs of eyes focused on me.Time to fight i said to myself.It didn't take me too much to turn myself into a werewolf .I was fighting with all my strength,for her,to see her safe.At least i'm not doing this alone,Mr Gilmore is here too,and he is in his werewolf form.I had the female one trapped,he was really fast,but i'm faster than him.I made her kneel and he was facing the ground.I won,now i'm wondering about my partner.I smiled in relief he is a good fighter too,even when he's kinda old.But the man is a good fighter too,i had to do something.So i attacked him when he wasn't facing me i jumped on his back and Mr Gilmore finished the work.He took a long wooden stake and stabbed him in the heart.That was it he was dead.Then i looked into Mr Gilmore's eyes and he was pointing me at the vampire girl.She was about to run away,but as i said before i'm really fast so i stopped her before she could do anything.
 Then my eyes met Eli's,i forgot about her and she is the reason why i am here.Mr Gilmore took the girl away from mu arms and he gave her something i can't say what 'cause i don't know much about poisons or  enchantments,but it was working because she fell asleep instantly.Then i ran to where Eli was.I broke  the gag,then i untied her hands.At the moment she was free she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.I felt like i was on heaven.
 Eli's POV
 I'm so happy i'm alive.Caleb saved me,he was my angel,still he is not hugging me back.I'm so stupid he doesn't feel  what i feel,i hate him.How can he be so cruel.Then i remembered the man.When i was brought here there was a man,but he was in other room,alone.Maybe they had him too.He was pretty weird ,with black hair,even more black than Calebs ,and his eyes had a dark color he freaked me out,but still he could be trapped here like i was.I stepped away from Caleb.-"I think they had another  captive in that room"I pointed the room and Caleb followed my finger.He began to walk toward there.

  I saw him entered in the room and after a few minutes he appears with a man,the same man a saw.Now that i can look at him he is a vampire,but he seems sore and he has bruises all over his arms and chest,his shirt is ripped,he looks very damaged. I feel pity for him.Caleb was carrying him,but the man's bruises are disappearing really fast."I found him gagged like you were but the gad had verbena on it,saw he had no strength to get free."-Caleb said looking deeply into my eyes,his were as blue as the sea and made my knees go weak.

 We began to walk through the door,the plan is to get home,ask the vampire about himself and then i don't know what my father is going to do with the girl.But i can't even look at her.Her skin is so cold and so is her soul.She has no heart,and while i was their property she treated my like some kind of object.The worst thing was that i couldn't use my magic.

 I sighed deeply while i was in the car. Everything seems so unreal,vampires,werewolves,me i don't even know the reason why they captured me.But there must be a good one.And i'm pretty sure my father will found out the cause.The time passes fast and i didn't even realize that we are already at home.

 I watch my father getting out of the care carrying with her the heartless vampire while Caleb is taking the other one with him.I feel useless.I entered the house and i think i'm kinda afraid of going to the basement.I know my father is there with the vampires and Caleb,the first thing he did was that he didn't ask me how i was,he just went to the basement.I think he wants to protect me,but i'm pretty sure things down there aren't exactly nice.But i don't care i want at least to do something,it doesn't matter what.

 "AHHHHHHH"i hear a loud scream,and my whole body is shaking.Another step and here i am.Everything is so dark but there is a light right in the center of the room pointing to the girl.She's smiling.Her face is basically destroyed,but still there is an devilish smile placed on her face.She scares me but i can't show that."What are you doing here"I realize Caleb was talking to me instead of talking to her.I want to answer something like 'why do you care 'or 'none of your business' but  i'm not that kind of girl and having his piercing eyes focus on my face is not helping.I shutter something inaudible.He keeps his eyes on me and i'm sure he's waiting for an answer."I want to know why i was abducted"He looked away from me and finally i can catch my breath again.

 My father stabs her with a long wooden stake she seems hurt,but she is a tough girl or should i say vampire.Her eyes wander around the room to finally stuck on mines.She laugh.My father is mad now.He hits her now,one punch after another,but nothing happens,she is going to talk.

 "She will not answer your questions"Suddenly a voice said.I look to see who it is,and i'm surprised because it was no one else than the other vampire,he is tied too,but he is more calmed.But and idea crosses my mind.Maybe my father can't make talk,but nobody said i can't.I ran upstairs.I almost get crashed with a wall,but i laugh at myself.Finally i get what i was looking for,the old magic book,i learned all my the enchantenments from that book.I look for an specific spell,yes i found it.I read it,and i run fast to where the others are.Ok it's time i'm thinking of enchanting her with a spell that will made her obey us,so she'll tell us everything she knows.When i made my way through my father and Caleb i step right in front of her and pronounce the magical words of my spell.I smile at myself cause i know it's working."What did you do?"-screamed my father,i can tell he's angry,his eyes are as red as fire and his demeanor changed from calmed to a volcano in eruption.But i know what i did and he'll find out in a few seconds.

  I didn't answer him,it is not worthing.I get close to her,and look deeply into her eyes."I want to know why you kidnapped me".She stays there frozen,she looks like she's empty like she is trying to answer but it's a fight within herself.Finally she opens her mouth and begins to talk.

 "It's all a plan.You won't get it".'I won't get it,what is she trying to say,that i'm stupid' that was all i got,but Caleb takes a step toward me,i can tell he's tired of all this."Tell us the story from the beginning"With that she opens her mouth again,maybe she'll explain everything now.

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