Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


5. New town,new people


Eli's POV

 It was a long travel.I'm finally here,i'm still waiting for my father,he told my grandma that he was gonna pick me up,i don't even know how he looks like.I really don't care either,i guess he'll recognize me,and if he don't,much better.I let my mind fly away,i still remember the goodbye,i don't want this,but i have no option.

 "My room have never been so empty,everything looks so different,so weird,i'm gonna miss this place.-I let a tear run down my cheek.Someone is open the door,i turned around to see who was it.It was my grandma.

"Sorry for make you going throw this,but i think is the best for everyone"-I don't want to fight,i know this is hard for her too,i'm like her daughter,so i'm just going to hug her.

 "Hello girl,i want a hug too"-I smiled when i heard that.

 "Hello Erika,what're you doing here so early,it's Saturday remember."

 "I couldn't miss it,i told you i would come."

 "I know".

 So here i am,crying with my best friend and my grandmother.I'm sitting in the front seat of the car,watching the landscape.We're finally in the airport,but my flight is about to leave.

 "So this is a goodbye"

"No this is a see you soon,come here and give me another hug."-I really need this hug,i'm feeling like having nothing,but i'm not going to give up on this,my grandma and Erika deserve better,i'm gonna show my father that i don't care if he left me.I pulled apart and started to walk to the exit.I turned around to see their faces,i will miss those faces."

"Elizabeth"-I'm looking at this man,i have his eyes,i guess this is my father,great i look like him,this is just amazing(sarcasm).

"Hi".He led my to his car,a really cool one,but i'm not feeling like talking to him,so i'm just sitting in the back seat.Wow the view is amazing here,i didn't think that this could be actually beautiful.It seems like we live in the forest,but i can't complain about that,i love living far from the village.

"Do you like it?"


"The town?"

"I haven't see it yet remember,i just got here today".

"But you have seen half of the town so far".

"Oh,i wasn't paying attention then."

So this is the house,it's awesome,it's huge,"how many people live here?".I don't care is not like i'm gonna be part  of the family,i'm just the missing daughter.But i can help staring at the house,at least i like the place,and it's big so i don't have to see his face,i wish it was even bigger.


So this is my new home,my new town,Forest hills.My grandma told me that there's a hill near the forest,well one or two,i don't remember.
I walked into the house,and my father is taking my baggage inside.I'm running toward the stairs,i saw a door."Should i go in?",i don't know why but something is telling me to open the door,so i'm doing it.Well,i guess is my room,and if it isn't mine,it must be the room of a girl,maybe he has another daughter,the house is huge,so i don't doubt it.

"Do you like your room?"

"Yeah,i guess".It's pretty cool,it's neither too girly not disordered,maybe he prepared it for me,maybe he is not the bad person i thought he was,i gave him a small smile,and went inside.


  *Five hours later*
I was sleeping,but i heard a sound,now i'm wide awake,how cool.It must be 12:00 a.m.I can't sleep,too many things in my head.The window is open,it must have been the wind.But i'm too curious too let it go.

I think i saw i shadow,running toward the woods,"i should follow it,no",but i will.I haven't seen this house before,and it's next to my father's house,and the door is open.While i was entering i feel something weird,i know i shouldn't being doing this,but i have nothing to lose,and this house looks mysterious.My heart stared to beat faster,i saw the figure of a man,is he going to hurt me,he is getting closer,and closer.

"What are you doing here"-He screamed in my face.

"Sorry i didn't,it wasn't my intention to"-but i was cut by his strong voice,he was pressing my wrist and i have no escape,he came close to my ear and said.

"I don't want to see you here again,do you get that?".Now he is looking into my eyes,"what should i do?,wait i have seen hi before,but where and when."

"Is that understood?,go away".

I run as fast as i could,great now i'm lost this could'n be better.But i have to control myself,i closed my eyes and it was like if something was pointing me the way,i just trusted my intuition,and here i'm back at home,but of course my father can see me here,so i'm just climbing this biggggggggggggg tree.My hands still shaking,what was that man,i couldn't see anything,but his beautiful blue eyes,and i was scared,a lot.

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