Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


6. he scares me


Eli's POV

Today was Sunday,i woke up really late,i guess last night was scary,and i want to bed very late.His eyes were like tattooed in my mind,"was wrong with me?".
I went down stairs and nobody was there,"great i'm totally alone in this huge house,and with a madman loose,this is awesome.I decided that i should better explore the house,maybe there may be something interesting.I went upstairs and i saw something i hadn't seen last night,i was too lazy,it was a room at the end of the hall.The door was actually creepy,like a wooden door,and it was old,it was weird because everything in the house was quite modern.I'm too curious so i'm totally seeing what's behind this door.

"Of course,it's locked,i was so stupid,there's something important behind this,and i'll figure out what it is",i told to myself.But now,i'm not staying alone in this house."Should i go to the forest?",i thought,yeah i will,i don't think there're wild animals in the morning.

I decided to go for a walk,the trees are so alive,i can feel their energy,it feels so good.I wish i could stay like this forever.The sky is so blue,and i can perfectly see the clouds,so yeah i'm pretty good right now.I stood there like two hours,but i thought that i could probably go to the town,and i don't know maybe see the streets,and meet knew people.

I went back to the house and i headed to the garage.I took a car and try to remember how to get to the town.I saw a lot of people,everyone is nice here,that's cool,because i'm shy.You know people says  "in a small town everyone knows everyone".I entered in a store that caught my attention.It looked like a green store,but with a lot of medicinal plants,the old woman behind the counter asked me if a wanted something,but i answered that i was fine,and that i was new in the town.She smiled and told me that she knew,"of course she knew", i thought for a moment.She began to tell me scary stories about the town.I was astonished,there were a lot of legends about full moon nights,werewolves,vampires,and witches,but in old villages there's always a lot of that,i think it's to attract foreigners.

As a was walking out of the store i crashed with a body,i looked up,it was him,i think.Yes it was him i could tell it for his eyes,those were unforgettable,he looked at me too,i could tell he recognized me,and he made my body shudder.He scares me,i thought.He did like i wasn't there,like he hadn't seen me.I think i have good luck,i don't want to see him again. Every time i see his face it's as if he wanted to kill me or something,i just wanted to run.

I got  a phone call from my dad,he was already worried about me."I think i should go back home, unbelievable he has never worried about me,and now he's playing the roll of good father,how ironic."

Well yes i'm going home. 

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