Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


7. First day at school


Eli's POV

"Monday" i said to myself,i really don't want to go to school today,it is snowing hard outside.I just want to stay ensconced in my warm bed,but that isn't possible.An i'm the new girl,i hate that,in my old school people used to make fun of the new kids,that was annoying,but today i hope not  to be noticed.

I heard a voice  while i was getting dressed,it was a familiar one,so i stood on the stairs to listen better.I saw him,the mysterious guy,"is he stalking me or something?".I just took a deep breath,and he turned his face to me,"why does he scares me so much?".

My father noticed that i was there and then he called me.

"Elizabeth,come here i want you to meet a friend of mine,he's also our neighbor."-Oh shit when does this happen,how can he and my father be friends?,this is so wrong.

"Well Caleb this is -he made a pause-my daughter Elizabeth-Elizabeth  this is Caleb"-i shook his hand,it was warm and have me butterflies and my heart stared to beat faster,i think he noticed that because i think i saw the figure of a small grin.

"How come are you friends?"-this  seems really weird because he seems that is 20 or 23.

"Well we're not friends,but his father is like my brothers,so this big boy you see here,is like a son to me."-I looked at him,no i don't like to have his face around here,he looks like he's about to bite you or throw you away.

"So,do you want me to drive you to school?"

"Yes i guess that'll be good".

I went upstairs to pick my backpack and when  i got down,he wasn't there anymore,i actually don't care.I'm just thinking about my grandma now.He hasn't called me,there must be something wrong,but she told me she didn't want me to suffer,so i guess she wants me to forget about everything and start a new life.Erika called me yesterday,she told me the latest gossips,she said she missed me,but she was happy though.

I was lost in my thoughts until my father told me to get into the car.So this is the school,it's pretty cool,i like it.

I found myself walking to nowhere.

"Hello you're the new girl,i'm Tabitha,and you are?".

"I'm Elizabeth,but i like people to call me Eli,if you want to of course."

"Can i see your schedule?".

"Sure"-i had it on my right hand,so i just stretched my arm and she took it.She seems to be a nice girl,maybe this school was different compared with mine,i like here.Finally,after checking period by period,she told me that we have the same schedule.That was awesome,can i call that fate or luck?,i'm crazy.

"Lets go,we have English".

We were talking almost the entire day,now we have Art class,i love drawing and painting,it's like my talent and it also help me to relax myself and keep the bad thoughts and feelings away.As we were walking through the hall i could feel an aura,i don't know why but i think that Mr.face stretched was here.

My intuition never fails,he was in the classroom,but why.

"He's our art teacher,well not really he teaches martial arts,but when his father is absent he is like a substitute.I think he's hot,don't you?"- i couldn't answer that it was like he was hearing us,how creepy.so i just said no.

The class was good,i just  sat where his eyes could not see my face.

In the lunch i met knew people they were funny,but also weird.They were there for Tabitha,she was ,i think friend of one of them.I think his mane was David.They were a group of four,two girls and two boys.Their names were: Melissa,Claudia,Mark and David, four new friends how cool,but i'm not sure if they wanted to be my friends David was really nice with me,but the others,i can swear that they were hiding something,i don't care though. 

The school day finished and i went home,actually Tabitha drove me there.I asked her if she wanted to come inside,but she said no i think she was afraid,but i don't know why.

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