Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


1. Elizabeth Gilmore


 Hello i'm Elizabeth,most people call me  Eli,and when i say most people i mean my grandma,and my best friend Erika,i love her so much.She is like a sister to me.I love my grandma too,she's a hero,and the only person in the entire world who took care of me when my mom left...yes she left,my grand have never wanted to talk about it though.
 My father, I've seen him just twice in my whole life,he said that some day i would know why,well i'm still waiting for that day.
 Just to let you know,my favorite color is red.
 I love walking barefoot.
I'm 17 years old.
 I don't know why but i feel like i'm different sometimes,i can feel and hear things,that's creepy,but that's also who i'm,i think i'm crazy.Oh well
love you.


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