Full moon night

He was getting close to me,and even closer,and closer.I stood back,feeling his breath so close scares me,now i have nowhere to run,he placed his hand in the wall,and he's looking deeply into my eyes,he's leaning 'oh my god,what is he gonna do'...


11. Because i owe you


Eli's POV

 After the incident,well Caleb almost kill Louis,but he failed,now he's coming after me,this is horrible.Mark took me to his house and we began to make a potion,it was like a protection spell.

 I felt more secure now that Mark and i complete the potion,we had to make a circle with it around my house,and it was hard,but it works.I haven't seen Louis in two days,this is killing me inside,because i don't know what's gonna happen next.I'm happy today because 'he' came to see me yesterday,i was shocked because he still had the mask,why he doesn't want me to see his face;i don't care i was sad and he remanded my smile.I think he's a really good friend,but Caleb stills freaking me out,every time i saw him,and i don't know why he did what he did.It was just weird.Today i'm gonna talk to him,right now.

I walked fast out of my house,and he was there training,'wow,he's hot'what i didn't just think that.He stopped and stare at me for a moment trying to figure out why i was there,and then he asked.

"What do you want.?"

"I want to know why you did that."

"Did what?"-he acted like he i wasn't there,he even looked at me.

"Look at me"-he looked-"you fight with Louis for me,you hate me why you did that."

"I was tired of his game."

"You're afraid of him,tell me the truth."

"Because i owe you,because you saved me that day in the forest,because i don't like to have debts with people i don't like"-he screamed angry,i didn't like that answer i was hoping something like'i care about you' or 'i couldn't let you die'.So i turned around and walked back to my house.

                                                                                  *At night*

After 'mysterious boy' left i began to write in my diary,and then my phone rang.I answer and it was Erika,and she was crying,she couldn't even talk.

"Erika calm down,what's going on?"

"There was a man,and he looked like a wolf,and he...he....he killed my mom."-i was in shock,i'm hundred percent sure,that it was Louis,now i was angry,why he did that.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh"-i heard a scream.

"Erika,Erika"-i scream loud.

"If you want her alive,come tomorrow night to the top of the hill,i'll be there waiting for you,and your friend too."

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