The Walking Dead Girlz

When a disease spreads all around the world, causing a zombie apocalypse it makes Alex and Hope to fend for themselves with out their parents who died from the zombies. Alex and Hope don't only try to survive from the zombies, but have an adventure that teaches them people are dangerous, and with out love and sacrifices, they may not be able to survive.


1. Prologue


Hopes P.O.V 


Where was everyone? My front door creaked open, filled with an eerie sound. First of all, why was my front door open? My house was silent just like the boring walk home from school. My neighborhood was unusually quiet today. So was the whole school day, there was like no one at school. I bet they all stayed home because on the news channel there was this warning about this disease going around which started in china or in Japan or something like that.

 My steps creaked beneath my feet as I stepped on each one.

"Alex? Mom? Dad?" I shouted, my voice echoing into upstairs. Why was it so quiet. I can't believe the whole neighborhood is empty. Weird.  I heard a moan from downstairs. I turned around on my heels and  stumbled downstairs. My sneakers bumping on each step making loud thumps. As I got closer to the kitchen, the moan got louder.

I rolled my eyes and complained, "Alex cut it out." She was always playing jokes on me. I wasn't going to fall for it this time. I slowly dragged myself in the kitchen. It smelt like "death". I screamed loudly as I stared at a dead corpse. No! It was moving, walking over towards me. I held my nose tightly. Why was there a zombie in our kitchen? It was really slow so I could take a better look with out it eating me into pieces. There was blood splattered on the corpses clothes and a lot of dirt. 

I heard Alex grunt loudly as she stuck a kitchen knife in the corpses head. Blood splatter all around the room. I dropped my back pack and it landed on the floor with a thud. 

"What have you been doing all day?" I asked in horror.

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