Not Over You

Emmie and Louis have been together for a year, when suddenly things start to fall apart.


1. The Big Day

Emmie's P.O.V:

It's finally the end of the school day. Today was the longest day yet. Not only did I have a test in every one of my classes, but it was Louis and I's year anniversary. I was taking him out to dinner and I was so excited! When the bell for the release of the last class rung, I ran out of the classroom and bolted up the stairs. I didn't stop running till I jumped into Louis' arms, giving him a huge hug. He spun me around and then he put me down. I haven't been able to see him all day because today we had opposite schedules. I put my arm around his neck and went on my tip-toes and gave him a kiss.

Every time I kiss him, there's a spark. The same spark I felt when we first kissed ten months ago. We pulled away and he took my hand

"Come on babe"

I smiled and we walked down a short hallway and through a set of double doors that lead out to the buses. We approached his bus and he stopped to let me go in first. Ugh, he's so sweet! I got onto the bus and headed towards the back of the bus. I picked an empty seat behind my friend Keyanna.

"Hey love birds!"

She gave me a wink. I laughed and took the window seat. Louis sat next to me and put his hand on my knee. He looked at me and shot me a smile. I couldn't help but give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Ugh! PDA!!!!"

"Shut up Pete!"

Louis smacked his best friend Pete in the head. He's been giving us crap since we started going out, he was always joking of course. Louis blushed a little when he turned back around to face me.

Louis P.O.V:

Gosh, when I look at Ellie all I can think about is how much I love Ellie, with everything I have. I sometimes I think she's too good for me, but I would never tell her that. Her smile is so contagious, I cant help but smile too. She doesn't see herself the way I do and it pains me.  Even in the setting as this. in this rattily, stinky bus, she's still making the moment precious.

A year ago today I asked her out. I remember clear as day. We were after school, it was the only way we could see each other. We were at the bottom of the stairs at the vending machines, and Em's best friend Sammi was with us and I was trying to shoo her away. She finally got the hint and casually walked up the stairs.

I took Em's hands and looked into her brown eyes;

"Em, will you go out with me?"

 Her face lit up.


"Like, you'll be my girlfriend?"

She gave a smirk

"Ha ha, yes Louis, I would love to be your girlfriend!"

We shared a long hug that was great and warm until her dad arrived to pick her up. We got to the lobby and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"See you tomorrow Louis." She smiled then walked away. I stood there smiling to myself like a fool for a good minute before I realized what I was doing. I was falling for a girl, and hard.

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