Not Over You

Emmie and Louis have been together for a year, when suddenly things start to fall apart.


5. Such Love

Emmi's P.O.V:

After a few minutes, Louis went downstairs to grab a movie to kill time before we headed to dinner. Not long after, I head someone coming upstairs. I looked up and saw his dad standing in the door way. I was caught by surprise because I didn't think he was coming home from his business trip till tomorrow.

"Hey kid."

Since the first day I met Louis' dad after our second date, he always called me kid. "Hey Mr. T! How was your trip?" He came into Louis' room and pulled a chair over. "It was alright. I've never been gone thing long from my Lou before." Two years ago, Louis' mom died of cancer. It was a complete shock to everyone. "Yeah, I can't even imagine. But it was worth it right? Knowing it helps support you and Louisa"

"I guess you're right. Where's Louis? I didn't even see him when I came in"

"He went to the basement to look for a movie. He should be back any minute."

I like the fact that Mr. T and I talked the way we did. I felt safe around Louis' parents. We were close and I they always had the answer. I love my own parents too, but I've never felt comfortable about telling them my problems. Louis then came in and stopped and looked puzzled.

"Hey dad, when did you get home? I thought you were coming home tomorrow?"

Mr. T turned around and his face lit up. Louis has the effect on a lot of people I guess.

"Hey son! I came home early. I couldn't take another day without you guys."

Louis smiled and walked over to his dad and they shared a hug.

Louis' P.O.V:

I love my dad. Yeah, he's hard on me but I like that. When he goes away on business I don't feel the same. That's why I love Em. When I have no one else, I know I can rely on her.

"Get over here Em!" I heard my dad say and she got up and she joined in our hug.

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