Not Over You

Emmie and Louis have been together for a year, when suddenly things start to fall apart.


2. Just Kidding!

Emmie's P.O.V:

Once we got off at Louis' bus stop we had to walk about five minutes to get to his house. It was pretty nice outside considering it was early January. There was some snow on the ground though. Along the way, he attempted to push me into a snow banking. He did that every time I went over his house. When he wasn't looking I grabbed a handful of snow and made it into a ball.

 "Hey Louis!"


I threw the snowball and hit him on the side of his face. I threw it harder than what I intended.

"Oh my God babe! I'm sorry!"

I ran over to him where we was on his knees holding his face in his hands.

 "Babe, you okay?!"

I bent down so I was now on my knees and put my hand on his back.


He started to remove his hand from his face. His face was red, but I could see wrinkles by his eyes. He was laughing, damn it.

"Louis!! That's not funny!!"

I got up and started walking away. I heard shuffling behind me and I heard him running.

" Ha ha Come on Em.. It was a joke!"

I turned around to face him, I gave him the "it-wasn't-funny" look. His face went from a smile to a concerned face. He put his hands on my cheek bones and looked into my eyes.

 "Em. I was joking. I'm okay."

I couldn't help but smile and let out a giggle.


 "ha ha. I hit you pretty good didn't I"

He let out a laugh and rolled his eyes. He looked at my lips, knowing what he wanted, I gave him a kiss.

We pulled away and held each others hands and continued our way to his house.

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