Accidentally on Purpose.

Rylee Wing a Victoria Secret model, got moved to London England. So she packed up her things and flew to England with her Black Lab named Princeton. When it turns out that her house is right next door to One Direction! Who will she fall in love with? will it be more then one person? what happens when her ex Deven comes to England trying to take her back? What happens when Carter her best friend and also co-worker gets moved to London to? will Carter be stepping on some toes?
This has some mature content... and yeah so enjoy! and leave me some comments telling me what you think!! and suggestions too!


1. Warm welcoming

Rylee POV 


I walked threw the airport awkwardly with 2 pink bedazeled suitcases, my purse, 2 bags strung over my shoulder and Princeton on his leash on my other hand. As i started attempting to drag them threw the airport a very nice, cute blonde boy rushes over to me. "Hey you look like you could use some help..." He said as he grabbed one of my suit cases with out waiting for an answer. "Uhh thanks..." i laughed " Now how do i know your not some creepy guy who is gonna try and kid nap and kill me?" i said joking lee, but kinda serious.... it had happened before but luckily i had my phone on me and i just alled the police... he didnt get very far. Now i bring my dog Princeton with me every where i go. I looked down at him. He was standing beside me growling at this boy....and i had to admit he is very intimidating looking. I quickly shushed him. "Actually im here waiting for my buddy Louis' girlfriend... hes out getting her a last minute birthday presant for her..." I laughed. Well my car is just over there..." i said. and i stated walking over. "So i didnt catch your name... mines Rylee." i said "Mines Niall... and uhh heres my number in case you need anyone to show you around London!" he said giving me my bags and his number. I quickly thanked him and gave him a brief hug then dashed into my car before anyone could see me while my driver put my bags in the trunk. Princeton climbed in after me enjoying the luxrey space of the limo. Then i thought to my self how does he know im new to London? I shook it off and pulled out my phone... JEEZ 39  new messages.... 10 from deven my ex, 17 from Carter my friend/ co-worker, and 12 from my sister telling me all about this one direction band that if i supposedly meet i need to tell them that my sister is there biggest fan and they should marry her... ya in her dreams. I closed my phone and shut my eyes... this is going to be an adventure. 


 authors note: hey guys this is my new movella and im sooo excited about it! enough with us gurls chasing guys around! how about the other way ;) any way all you Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayne lovers... dont get to bumbed... this isnt all about niall ;) hehe any way i will try and update as soon as possible... maybe tomorrow! okayy xxxooo love you guys!! 

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