Accidentally on Purpose.

Rylee Wing a Victoria Secret model, got moved to London England. So she packed up her things and flew to England with her Black Lab named Princeton. When it turns out that her house is right next door to One Direction! Who will she fall in love with? will it be more then one person? what happens when her ex Deven comes to England trying to take her back? What happens when Carter her best friend and also co-worker gets moved to London to? will Carter be stepping on some toes?
This has some mature content... and yeah so enjoy! and leave me some comments telling me what you think!! and suggestions too!


3. My party

Rylee's POV


I closed the door with a smile on my face, he was cute too! But he seemed to much of a badass and im not really into them. I told my self. I ran up stairs to the 5th floor with was my bedroom... the entire floor yes i know its awesome! I ran to my walk in closet for dresses... yes i said for dresses. I have 7 walkin closets.... Dresses, Shirts, Shoes, Pants, Purses, Jackets and undergarments. i walked in and imediatly saw the perfect dress. It was black with a white bow and sparkles. it is kinda ruffled and it reaches about my mid thigh. I put on my black pumps that also have a white bow on them and loosly curled my hair. It was about 6:30 and i relized... i dont have chips or boose! i ran down the stairs and quickly thanked Macey... she left me 3 cases of beer, 4 bottles of wine, and 5 bags of chips. "Thought you might need these tonight" i read her note allowed. I tided up a little, and put some chips out. Then people started to come. 7:00.. right on time. 5 boys walked in, 2 of which i allready knew. "Ello again Love!" the irish biy from the airport said to me! "Heyy! you live next door?! thats so cool! and hello zayn!" i said quickly hugging them. "Hi im..." "Rylee Walker" the boys all cut me off in unison. we all laughed. The boys each intreduced me to them selves individually. Finally "Ello beautiful... my name is harry" he said kissing my hand. I didnt know what else to do but giggle. His head shot up. and he stopped as helooked into my eyes. "It's amazing that someone could be as beautiful as you, have such a cute giggle, and the prettiest eyes ever!" he said amazed. more people started showing up and i met alot of new friends... my contact list went from 145 to 579! i will admit i got a wee bit boozy... okay maybe alot... but i had fun! thats what matters. anyway i shouted "Truth Or Dare!" everyone cheered and Louis grabbed a beer bottle placing it in the middle of the allready formed circle. "Wait...wait.... that beer bottle better be empty i slerred. Louis laughed. "It is... no worries." we played countless rounds involving Niall sitting on Louis' lap the whole game, some girl named Elenor and her fiancé Louis got dared to go into the bathroom and do it. Lets just say they are really wild. I laughed un controllable. but i shouldnt of done that because Zayn looked at me mischeviously. when they finished they walked out with some crazy hair and cloths all out of wack. We sat down again... and Louis spun the bottle it landin on Zayn... figures. Zayn got dared to jump in my pool... the outdoor one.. i didnt tell them about the indoor one. He did and came back in. he sat down and spun the bottle... of course it landed on me.... "Dare" i slurred. "I dare you to have sex with hazz!!" he shouted! everyone screamed and ouuued. I knew he was testing me... to see how far i would go.. and i was so drunk i wasnt about to back down. I agreed and Harry looked supprised. "But im gonna break in my new bed... not the bathroom... im pretty sure louis and elenor allready did that." i said with a wink. I grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him into my room and shut the door and locked it.  "You dont have to do this..." he said but i pushed him onto my bed and straddled him. He was cute and such a gentlemen... i was okay with this. I kissed along his neckline, and up to his cheak then i kissedhis soft plump lips. He pushed them against mine fearsly. He bit my lower lip gently asking for permission to enter his tounge, i granted and our toungs dance together like one. and well i will let your imaginations do the rest for what happened next.

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