Accidentally on Purpose.

Rylee Wing a Victoria Secret model, got moved to London England. So she packed up her things and flew to England with her Black Lab named Princeton. When it turns out that her house is right next door to One Direction! Who will she fall in love with? will it be more then one person? what happens when her ex Deven comes to England trying to take her back? What happens when Carter her best friend and also co-worker gets moved to London to? will Carter be stepping on some toes?
This has some mature content... and yeah so enjoy! and leave me some comments telling me what you think!! and suggestions too!


2. Meet the neighbours

Rylee's POV


Princeton nudged me gently and i opened my eyes. The car has stopped infront of a HUGE house.... wow my manager Stacy really has set me up! I open up the door and hop out with princeton right on my heels.... wow.... this is going to be a fun house! i let my limo driver handle the bags and i just walked into my new mansion. It had 5 levels, 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a HUUUGE kitchen, an indoor and outdoor pool. it had a gate at the front, princeton even had his own bedroom but i dont think he will be using it, cause he likes to sleep at my feet. It had so much stuff that it was hard to take in! I walked around my allready furnished house thanks to my designer Macey. When i found the living room i was in shock, Macey truley knew me. It was amazing. there was a fire place, a huge plasma flat screen tv, an orange leather L shaped couch, black tables and side tables, black carpet and orange walls.  I colapst on the couch leaving princeton to wander around and find new chew toy hiding spots. Then the limo driver came and told me he was done. I thanked him and gave him a 20$ american bill. He looked as if he didnt know what to do with it but thanked me anyway. I closed my eyes and before i knew it i was out like a light.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 HOURS LATER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Zayn's POV 


 There were rumors going around the boys house that the girl moving in next door was an underwear model.... i know i know dont we have anything better to do? well we dont because our tour got cancelled so we dont have anything for 7 months, just relaxing. Anyway so i saw her walking to her house but she had a big floppy hat covering her face. She sure did have a nice body... Big boobs, Huge ass :) so i grabbed some of the cookies that liam had just made, put them on a plate and ran over to her house. When i rang the door bell i heard a loud scary bark, then a sweet "Im coming" a few seconds later she opened the door and i swear i heard angles sing... i know its kinda cliché but i dont care. She had long, straight, dark brown hair up to like her mid belly. She had green eyes that made my heart skip a beat, she smiled . her teeth were perfectly straight. she looked to be about 5'6. She giggled. oh lord that was cute too! " Uh helloooo?" she said waving her hand infront of my face. "Oh jeepers! im sorry... just.. i just cant look away from your eyes. Then i relized! "Hey! your Rylee Walker right?" sh nodded. "Yeah" "Wow! my lad Harry has a poster of you on his wall! He really likes you... he watches all the photo shoots you have been in on youtube" I said, then i thought to my self. Back off Zayn... you have perry.... let Harry have her... "Here.. these are just a welcoming gift from all of my lads next door" i said giving her the plate of cookies. "Well thank you" she said with a smile. "So you wanna come in?" she asked. I looked down at the dog standing by her side. He looked very protective of her. Then i remembered "i promised Liam i would verse him one last game of COD... he just cant stand the fact that im better at it then him." I said with a smile. her face perked up "Im amazing at COD!" i laughed "Then i guess you will have to come over sometime and play with us :)" she gigled, " Or you could come to my house cause i garentee i have a bigger tv then you" she said jokingly. "Alright sounds like a plan" i said turning to leave. "Wait!" she screamed, i turned around and looked at her "I'm having a party tonight! invite your friends!" I smiled and nodded then headed back to our house next door! I cant wait for Harry to meet her! 

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