Accidentally on Purpose.

Rylee Wing a Victoria Secret model, got moved to London England. So she packed up her things and flew to England with her Black Lab named Princeton. When it turns out that her house is right next door to One Direction! Who will she fall in love with? will it be more then one person? what happens when her ex Deven comes to England trying to take her back? What happens when Carter her best friend and also co-worker gets moved to London to? will Carter be stepping on some toes?
This has some mature content... and yeah so enjoy! and leave me some comments telling me what you think!! and suggestions too!


4. Hang Over

Rylee's POV



 I woke up with a pounding head ache. I reach over and grab my IPhone off my black wooden bedside table. The time says 9:02. UUUGGGH my head hurts so bad. I roll over so that im laying on my stomach. I strech my arms out wide, streching them to reach across my king sived bed. Suddenly my left hand clunks into a warm body. Then i relize i hear snoring in my room. I sit up, and see Larry sleeping in my bed "oh shit" i thought. I quietly get out of bed and i walk over to the on suit. Then i relize im on my victorias secret bra and underwear! i run across the floor run into the bathroom, and close the door.  SHIT i yelled. I have to meet with my boss at 11:30... i am not ready. I tip toe over to my dress closet, and pull out this dress. 


Walking back to the bathroom, i plugged in my curling iron, and loosly curled my hair. I quickly apply eye liner, and some mascara and grab my black pumps, running down stairs. As i go down the stairs, i find about 20 people passed out in my living room.... luckly it came out un damaged.. i went into the kitchen to see some people starting to wake up... i smiled a little advil will help that, now get out of my house. I went around the house waking everyone up, shooing them out. Finally they were gone, and i quickly called my friend Dane.... he owned a cleaning buisness. 

"Hi Dane!!"

"Ello Ry! i havnt heard from you in forever!!"

"Yeah i moved to london!"

"Wow really!! we are going to have to catch up!!"

"Indeed! But i have a favour!! i threw a huge party last night! i called your house and Chantal said you couldnt come..." I said  with a frown. "But can you please send your best guys over to clean this place up! thanks!!"

"Ya sure that shouldnt be a problem, and ya, well we had twins, so life has been kinda busy sorry i couldnt make it!"

"It's okay, next time" I said knowing he would come in a heart beat. He was like a brother to me.

"Well i got to go love! text me some time and lets catch up!!"

"Alright by Dane!!"

 I ended the call.


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