starting all over again

This story is about a girl named Bree Manchez starting her life over after having her 1st child grace. She breaks up with the babies farther and starts over by moving to london


4. starting tour

 Today  was the day we were starting tour.  i sat on my suite case as i zipped it then zipped the babies bags up.  I walked to my closet and grabbed the clothes i left hung up. i put them on the bed and washed up did my hair and make up the got dressed i wore: I wore a belly shirt that was off the shoulder and some short sweat short and a pair of slipper boots. i had my hair in a messy bun and my make up was a light blush of pink some pink lipgloss and eyeliner keeping it simple. i walked downstairs to see Niall watching Team Umizoomi with Grace an Lucy sleep in his arms. "Aww you guys are so cute." i said sitting next to him "You're so cute too." he said kissing me making my tummy twist. "so, everything is packed right me you, the kids?" he asked "Yea, when are we leaving?" i asked "well paul should be her in 15 minutes so 30 minutes since it's 10 for the ride and five to check in." he said kissing me. i smiled and said "i'll go get our bags okay." "no lemme get them." he said handing me the kids i nodded taking them and bouncing them on my knee. "I love you mwmy." Gracie giggled "Aww" I heard Niall say "And i wove you too>" i said kissing her nose  i heard a knock at the door and heard niall getting it "Okay let's go pauls got our bags the boys are in the limo so give me grace you got Lucy" i nodded putting Lucy into her car seat and buckling her and bringing her to te car. This is going to be a crazy trip! i thought to myself waving to the boys and gving hugs as they went crazy over the babies.



Sorry its so short :(

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