starting all over again

This story is about a girl named Bree Manchez starting her life over after having her 1st child grace. She breaks up with the babies farther and starts over by moving to london


3. Me and Niall's date

"Are you ready babe" Niall yelled up the stairs. "Almost i yelled back looking at the mirrior seeing my outfit this: 

I put my collar correctly and shook my curls a bit. I walked down the stairs and said "Okay now." i said smiling "And you look gorgeous>" he said kissing my cheek "So where are we going?" i said "Well, first were going to have a nice picnic by the lake then were going to go to this place where you have a lock and a key and you put your names on the lock the throw the key away and it means eternal love then last were going to the carnival." he said taking a breath "Well sounds fun shouldn't we get going." "yup." he said i walked to the living room giving quick kisses to grace and Lucy then walked out hand in hand with niall. 


--------------------After Car Ride----------------------------------


We sat at one of the picnic tables. "Okay, so we have ham and swiss subways with bannana peppers for you and everything else on mine" He smiled "And we have Pepsi for you and Sprite for me." "sounds good to me." i smiled holding his hand "Don't you just love us" he said laughing "Yes just loving us" i ggigled with him "Okay so if you had to choose someone to save you from an abusive person who would you choose me or the strongest person in the world." "Well Niall your beat the strongest person in the world." "What" he gasp "What he's stronger" i giggled "What if i said i was the strongest person in the world" "then i would have to call you a liar" i said bit a piece of my sandwich. 


----------After lunch-----------------------


After lunch we got into the car and went to the lock place we bought a lock and i wrote on it Bree and Nialler together forever. and locked it on the fence "We'll be in love forever" we yelled as we threw the key away in the lake "I love you Bree" niall said Kissing me i pulled away quickly and said "I love you too"


--------------------------After Key thing----------------


We walked into the carnival hand in hand as we walked to games "Let's go ride the ferris wheel." i said skipping towards it Niall doing the same As we got onto the ferris wheel i remebered my fear of heights and held on to niall "Love, are you still scared of heights" i nodded  about to throw up "Come" he said taking me towards the edge i looked over and quickly pulled back "I cant i nervously smiled "I've got you, you won't fall" he said holding me tight by my waist. i looked over and saw it but felt his grip tighten i kept looking until i wasn't scared anymore i turned to see he wasn't holding me "I'm not scared anymore" i smiled then we got off


Hey guys i'll try to write every day but with high school and all i don't know so lets hope but byeee

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