starting all over again

This story is about a girl named Bree Manchez starting her life over after having her 1st child grace. She breaks up with the babies farther and starts over by moving to london


5. In the hotel

I went into my hotel room and thought that me and the kids should do stuff together. "Where are the kids?" i asked niall. "I don't know." "Can you please go get them from the boys?" i asked "Okay." he mumbled walking out of the room i looked in my bag and grabbed out my green belly shirt my white shorts and my white converse. "i took my hair out of the messy bun and put it in to a high ponytail. i walked into the bathroom and changed then walked out to see niall playing with the babies. "Okay i'm taking them shopping i said picking them up and putting lucy in her carrier then in her stroller and held Grace's hand "Bye." i said walking out of the room. i walked to the elavator (we went shopping after)

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