starting all over again

This story is about a girl named Bree Manchez starting her life over after having her 1st child grace. She breaks up with the babies farther and starts over by moving to london


2. 2 years later (Normal chapter)

After, i moved to London i moved into a flat that had 2 bedrooms one master one normal two bathrooms and and a huge kitchen one dining room and two living rooms. after 2 months i met Louis Tomlinson and now i am in love with Niall Horan my best friends are Jaycee (Harry's girlfriend) and Parker ( Zayn's girlfriend) I currently have two kids one from my ex but Niall treats her like his own her name is grace 1 year and 8 months old then i have a 4 month old girl Named Lucy. after i met niall we moved in together and me and the other boys are friends as well. me and niall have our own flat. that's all oh wait and i'm 20 now :).

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