The stylist's daughter

I'm Ryder yeah I know that's a boys name so get over it also I kinda act like a boy in other words I'm a complete tomboy anyway what happens my mom becomes the stylist of of British-Irish boy band with that I'm bound to fall in love lets see and find out


3. truth or dare


 so we started i sat between liam and niall "so who wamts to go first?" i asked the boys "meee"! louis screamed

"harry truth or dare"

"dare" harry said uneasy

"i dare you to call your mom and tell her your gay"

so harry called his mom and told her hes gay she started to cry a little bit till he told her it was a dare after that everyone was on the floor laughing

"ok ok zayn tryth or dare "


"have you ever stole money"

'WHAT NO!!!!"

"aright ryder truth or dare"?


"alright i dare you to make out with niall

i face was now deep red i looked over at niall and he nodded approvingly so i walked over to him and sat on his lap and started to kiss his soft lips he licked my bottom lip asking for enterance which i gladly granted "woah get in there Niall" thats when we stopped and i was deep red after that we continued the game till my mom came home and talked to them i really wasnt paying attention i was texting my friend zeynep

Z: hey gurl wat song should we do for the talent show

ME: wat about heart attack by demi lovato

Z sure i tell the othr gurl

ME: g2g my moms callin me

Z:k bye

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