The stylist's daughter

I'm Ryder yeah I know that's a boys name so get over it also I kinda act like a boy in other words I'm a complete tomboy anyway what happens my mom becomes the stylist of of British-Irish boy band with that I'm bound to fall in love lets see and find out


2. Meeting the boys


             RYDER'S POV

            Today I woke up by my mum yelling "Ryder get up I have some big news for you" when I finally pry myself off my bed I  

            Take a quick shower and once  my hair is dry I take my pale blue hair and straighten it then I put on black faded skinny 

           Jeans and my Blood In The Dance Floor t-shirt and my velvet colored Doc Martins. I grabbed my I phone and ran down 

            Stairs bumping into someone "sorry" I say looking into his blue eyes "it's alright love"he said in an Irish accent "you must

           Be Ryder mrs.Johnson's daughter right?" He asked "yeah" I replied still looking in his eyes "Niall!" Someone called from

           The other room. So his name is Niall "lets go love" he says walking away 

           NIALLS POV 

        Lou called me from the other room while I was talking to mrs. Johnson's daughter she's gorgeous she might have a boyfriend already Lou caught me staring at her while she was in the kitchen and asked "you like her huh?" "Maybe I do so what" "so what? You can ask her out" " maybe she has a boyfriend already" "you don't know that" "your probably right thanks Lou" "I know I'm right" mrs. Johnson came and sat down and talked but I wasn't listening I was too busy thinking about Ryder. I have thought about asking her out when we hang out a little more."Niall!""yes mrs. Johnson" "I was wondering if you would like to move in with my daughter since you'll be seeing her a lot on tour" "yeah sounds great" "ok boys see you both and the rest of the boys tomorrow" "k bye mrs. Johnson"me and Lou say at the say time 

               *THE NEXT DAY*

         RYDER'S POV

today I woke the same way as I did yesterday,but today I'm wearing blood red jeans and a grey t-shirt and my black converse. My mum said that her clients are coming back but there's five of them this time. I'm actually pretty excited to see Niall but he probably has a girlfriend already. Anyways I walk down stairs and I see Niall so I smile and wave from the staircase and he returns it with a smile. I can't help but smile to his smile is very contagious. Once I reach the bottom of the stairs my mum calls me over "Ryder these are my clients I've been telling you about. "Cool now what?" I'm going out to the grocery store ill be back get to know them a little bit" "k bye  mum" "so what are your names anyways" "I'm Harry" "I'm Louis" "I'm Liam" "Zayn" I'm Niall  but we've already met" "so what do you want to do?" "TRUTH OR DARE"the all yell


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