The stylist's daughter

I'm Ryder yeah I know that's a boys name so get over it also I kinda act like a boy in other words I'm a complete tomboy anyway what happens my mom becomes the stylist of of British-Irish boy band with that I'm bound to fall in love lets see and find out


1. About me


        Name; Ryder Johnson (yes I'm a girl)

        Likes; music,sports,skateboarding,and hanging out with friends 

         Personality; shy,weird,and funny

        Birthday; April 20th 1995 

         Parents; only a mom dad's information classified 

         Crush,; none at the moment 

        Dislikes; skirts,dresses,heels,girly things 

        Random: a Tomboy,likes marvel,loves music like Lincoln park,and Demi Lovato 

      Well that's me so enjoy the story 

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