Guinea pig poem

A poem about a guinea pig


7. The 4 poem

My Dear Little Friends

My dear little friends
You mean the world to me
Even though you may forget
A carpet is not a toilet
And you produce a little wee

With your ample round bellies
And your tiny short legs
You can still run at great speeds
Embarking on little adventures
With your dark eyes looking like beads

Believing food is approaching
You answer by wheek, wheek, wheeking
Tummies never satisfied or full
Just hearing the fridge door open
My ears at times need cotton wool

Clover, Peachy and Squeekie
Jasmine, Jake and Sweetpea too
So affectionate and wondrously tame
I know you trust and love me dearly
Always coming when I call your name

Thank you for being a great joy in my life
Bringing so much happiness and contentment
Dear little friends by my side
Holding each of you so closely
Filling my heart with pride

By Jackie

Dedicated to my six gorgeous guinea pigs



Copyright © Jackie's Guinea Piggies 2003 ~ 2008

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