Guinea pig poem

A poem about a guinea pig


6. The 3 poem

Lily White Trouser

Born wearing lily white trousers
One cloudy July day
Cosy, nestled and warm
In my mothers bed of hay

My lily white trousers didn't vanish
When I grew up to be a big cavy
And nobody could ever announce
They were the colour of gravy

So proud of my lily white trousers
Did my best to keep them clean
But sometimes they'd become a bit mucky
When I sat upon a brown bean

Came to live with my friend Jasmine
Made me exceedingly happy
But not when she declared
Looks like your wearing a nappy!

I'm near to the end of my poem
I hope you enjoyed reading it
You can also see from my photo
My trousers are a perfect fit

Whenever you see white trousers
Please recall and think of me
A cavy wearing lily white trousers
I go by the name of Sweetpea

By Jackie

Dedicated to my darling guinea pig Sweetpea



Copyright © Jackie's Guinea Piggies 2003 ~ 2008

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