Challenger Black

Sirius Black did not die when he fell through the Veil of Death that one night in the Department of Mysteries. What if that Veil was actually a flume, that connected the territory of Rowling to the rest of Halla? Watch as a confused Sirius lands on Quillan and must face the daunting tasks of the Quilan Games as Challenger Black! Evil dados, insane clowns, flying forks, and even a Grand X might get thrown into the fray! LaBerge-level craziness is sure to occur! PendragonxHarry Potter crossover


1. Where Am I?

A/N: This takes place right when Sirius Black fell though the Veil the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in the HP universe, and right before Pendragon gets to Quillan in the Pendragon universe. So right now, he's on Zadaa. It's written by Sirius in Journal format, like with Pendragon's. Whenever there's a # that means that's a direct Pendragon quote! I hope you enjoy this!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pendragon or Harry Potter.


Remus, I hope you solemnly recienved this, and the weird lady wasn't lying. Also, please note that I am not going insane. If I could survive 12 years in Azkaban with my mind intact, then I can survive this. But after those purple clowns.....*shivers*.....#There are two types of people in the world: clowns, and people who hate clowns.# But I'll elaborate more on that later. First off, you all need to know that I am NOT dead and you should NOT mourn for me. Although, my life status is subject to change at any moment.....but more on that later. Let me start from the beginning.

I couldn't believe I let Bellatrix get the better of me. How could I be so stupid as to let her spell hit me? As I fell through the Veil, I could hear Harry screaming my name. I hope Remus holds him back. Knowing him, he'd follow me though, and that would be good for no one. Well, maybe for Voldemort.....but...he doesn't exactly count.

Wow, I never thought that the Veil would be so comfortable. Like I was floating, but not exactly. Then, heard a sweet melody of music notes playing. Is this what death sounds like? Before I know it, I'm falling though some sort of tube. There are some solemnly odd pictures playing on the outside of this tube wall, like a Muggle TV thing I've heard of. I saw a tiny red ball of......something....blow up an entire building. Then there's a giant balloon-like thing blowing up in a big firey ball by some buildings. Then there's.....I must be seeing this wrong.......cats. Not like the small furry, normal kind, like McGonagall's Animagus form. I'm talking about giant cats, walking on two legs, and talking intelligently. Death must be putting crazy images in my mind. Last, I see and evil-looking red flag with a black star on it. I wonder if that becomes Voldemort's symbol. But that would mean he survives......*shudders*

I'm not sure how long the pretty music and floaty feeling lasted. It could have been 2 seconds, it could have been 2 years. All I knew is that it ended too soon for my liking. Before I knew it, I landed in a dark room. I stood up and felt my way around. I must have been in a room since I was touching a wall. #At least I think it was a wall. It was flat. It was hard. It extended on either know, wall.#

Congratulations to me! I know what a wall is! That doesn't say much for my mental health. What I need to know is where Harry and Remus are.

"Hello? Anyone here? Remus? Bellatrix? Anyone?" Nothing. The only sound I could here is a small clicking noise. Oomph! I found the door! Well, more like, I fell into the door. Yes! There is a light outside the door! Maybe this is some sort of Death Eater trap. Who knows what Bellatrix hit me with?

Right when I exited that little dark room, I tripped once again. I'm spending way too much time around Tonks. Anyway, the little object that caused me to stumble was only a small box. I can duel Death Eaters with great agilitiy, but I get subdued by things like curtains and boxes.

Being the curious person I am, I picked it up and took apart the little purple and yellow wrapping without any thought of precaution. Remember the clicking noise I mentioned earlier? Well, I found out what it was! My crinkling sound must have summoned all these tiny little spiders.

"Evanesco! Evanesco! Impedimenta! Bombarda Maxima! Vera Verto!"

I shouted while trying to escape the little snake monsters. And if you are wondering why I thought that changing them into goblets would help...well....I have no decent explanation for that. I just was incantating off the top of my head. And it's not like I could disarm them.

After a few more well placed Bombarda Maximas, I was able to sit and find out what was in this package that caused me this trouble. You'll never imagine how I felt like when I found one little slip of paper sitting inside. Yeah, that's right, all it had was a note. I felt like casting an Incendio then and there. But the sense of logic that you, Remus, instilled in me, must have took over because the paper remained intact.

Since I figured that the note might be my only way of finding where on Earth (or so I thought) I was, I read it. And that was the note that changed everything. Here's what it read:

Welcome, Challenger Black

There's not turning back

Our games, you'll play

Escaping alive, there's no way

Unless you join our pack

-Your Hosts On Quillan, Veego and LaBerge

So at this point, I thought I certainly was dead, and this was some prank James was pulling on me. I mean, what kind of name was LaBerge? And the robo-spiders could have been an advanced animation charm. My second thought was that this was this was an elaborate Death Eater trap. I wouldn't put it past my evil relatives to arrange something like this. But I really knew I was in trouble when the robo-men came for me.

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