Challenger Black

Sirius Black did not die when he fell through the Veil of Death that one night in the Department of Mysteries. What if that Veil was actually a flume, that connected the territory of Rowling to the rest of Halla? Watch as a confused Sirius lands on Quillan and must face the daunting tasks of the Quilan Games as Challenger Black! Evil dados, insane clowns, flying forks, and even a Grand X might get thrown into the fray! LaBerge-level craziness is sure to occur! PendragonxHarry Potter crossover


2. Blades of Doom

Disclaimer: I do not own Pendragon or Harry Potter.


I awoke to the sound of a large object being crushed near my face. Forgetting everything that happened, I immediately jumped up, while thinking Death Eaters had attacked me. I realised that I was possibly not even in Britain again when I found that my wand was gone. Then I panicked. While running like a madman, (which wasn't too hard; I've had practice) I tried to get away from where ever that crushing noise came from. It didn't sound to pleasant.

Before I could venture further, my dog-like instincts told me to stop. Those very instincts saved me, since if I had taken 1 step further, a sharp, metal blade would have taken out my face. A Sirius without a face is a bad thing indeed.

I finally noticed what was going on when the giant clock flashed, "60 CLICKS!" At the time, I had no idea what a click was, but watching it tick down, "59......58......57......." I guessed them to be like seconds. I aslo noticed the blade-shooting things coming out of the wall. And the crusher-metal things that could make me into a Padfoot-pancake in one second flat. Or should I say, one click flat. No pun intended!

Speaking of Padfoot, I decided that my best chance of survival would be to weave though all this stuff as him, so where a blade would have taken off my head, I was safely lower to the ground. Ooh! With Padfoot's sense of smell, I could detect delicious food coming from only 15 feet away! Almost as good as Molly Weasley's!

I bounded over in its direction, while relying on my dog-instincts on when to stop, when to go, and when to jump over flying metal discs. It really was a lot harder than it looked! Eventually, that timer-thing reached, "10 clicks!" when I realized what an idiot I was. This whole thing was probably run bu that Muggle thing that Arthur Weasley was telling me about...hmmm.....what was it called? Illicity? Ellicity? Ektricty? Nevermind, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that he also told me that water is bad for it.

One leap away, I saw a small square that would be safe from everything. Upon reaching it, I reverted back to human form, held out my hand, and cast a wandless Aguamenti. Any 7th year could do that spell wandless! I must have been right about the ekky thing, because as soon as the water the lighting and the crushers, everything went black. Again, no pun intended.

Considering my work here done, I followed my nose into the room behind the door that was near the little square I was on. Inside of it, I could here a man and woman arguing.

"What did he do? All the power in Blok is out!" the woman's voice shrieked. She sounded quite like my mom, actually. "Walburga Black, may you never rest on peace" Then a guy's voice replied.

I don't know!" he protested. "You're the brains of the operation, I just come up with the games and the clowns!" That guy designed that game? He must be more insane than Bellatrix!

"When Saint Dane told me I would get a special Challenger from a special territory, this wasn't what I was expecting! Fix it! It's your game, LaBerge!" I remembered him! He was the guy from my note! LaBerge, he was called, just yelled out a number. "Twelve!" At the time, the only significant meaning that Twelve had to me was that evil dwelling called my ancestral home. That connotation changed when the lights turned on and a man was staring right at me.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed. Yes Remus, I know what you're thinking, "What could scare the risk-taking, Sirius Black?" Well, a man suddenly appearing out of nowhere can. I know he didn't Apperate, because there was absolutely no sound at all. That thought reminded me of apparation! While turning on the spot, I envisioned myself being anywhere but there. As I dissapeared, I heard the woman yell, "GET BACK HERE, CHALLENGER BLACK!"

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